Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Where the hell is Possum Kingdom?

In Texas dummy!

AD Pearlman & I drove out to Possum Kingdom for Labor Day to see Lions play the Dia De Los Toadies Festival. We picked up my dear ole friend Ashley & after many wrong turns & a lot of "middle school humor" in the car - we arrived. There were 5,000 + "festies" out at the lake that day! Local law enforcement was less than thrilled. Those good ole boys were ready for anyone to step out of line.
The festival took place right on the lake, it was hot & beautiful! Kudos to the Toadies for coming up with this one, seriously - I would have never even thunk to drive out there otherwise & it is really stunning.
We drank beers & loitered around backstage while the band was setting up. Taking pictures & discussing the weird little towns we traveled through to get there. We stopped at a convenience store to get some gas & some tampax (because as you know "Tampax was There") & right on the shelf next to said tampax were two differently scented bottles of douche. Our eyebrows went up & we had to wonder - how many people stop in, get some gas, a six pack, & a bottle of douche? So the rest of the night if there was a quiet moment we were brainstorming to come up with the perfectly scented douche. My favorites were Lasagna & New Car. Anyway I digress... We had a blast! We got there in time to see Lions & then The Toadies closed, & both were great! The crowd went wild and sang along to the Toadies as if it were still 1996. I was kinda blown away. For me, the Toadies remind of my youth. If you were in Texas in the 90's you could not escape hearing them on any radio station at any given moment - they were a staple. I would not have ventured so far or maybe ever seen them at all if my man's band hadn't been on the bill. I'm glad I did though, driving the 400+ miles was worth it for the trip down memory lane.

Anyway, here are some photos from our festing. I hope you enjoy!


Eli said...

Would that lasagna douche be vegetarian? 'Cause meat douche sounds gross to me but would probably appeal to a few people I know...

Wow, it's so crazy that the Toadies are still going strong. You're right, they were inescapable back in the day. The Lions look like a lot of fun. They'll be here on the 20th, I think? hmmm....

Model Citizen aka Bonnie Rue said...

oh yuck! Yeah - there shall be no meat in the douche! ugh! It hadn't even crossed my mind. whoa. what an awful thought. And worse yet, you are right - it really would appeal to some folks. scary!

The Toadies have some seriously die hard fans. It is crazy.

If you want to go to she show on the 20th you can be Austin's guest for sure.