Thursday, September 24, 2009

Naughty and Nice Posh Punk Lace Button Set

Now that I have room to play again I have been digging out old craft supplies and playing into the wee hours of the night! These new Naughty & Nice Posh Punk Button Sets are the result of last nights free time! Inspired by my childhood love of Madonna, Pretty in Pink & my ever growing collection of girl band 7 inches, these buttons turned out better than I could have ever imagined! One set of 4 will run you only $9! So strike a pose ladies!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Massive $12 Model Citizen Clothing Sale!

Like I said in my last post - I'm in a new place now (high 5!) & the show is ready to go on! I'm setting up my new studio at the moment & it's very um, cozy, so - it's time to make some room! How to do that? Four words, ten syllables, twelve dollars...
Massive Model Citizen Clothing Sale!
Over 12 T's Earrings, Bobby Pin sets & Brooches in the shop for only $12 a piece! How long will this crazy sale last? Not forever! It's like Janis always said "Get it while you can!"
Just click on the picture below & you will be whisked away to a land of guilt free shopping!
Buy Handmade

As things move along here at Model Citizen HQ I will send out another news letter with pictures of my new amazing work space and the scrappy porch cat that hangs around. We've been calling her Ms. Hissy.. but that's a story for another day isn't? Anywho..
As always - I hope you all have a good deed filled day!

Bonnie Rue

p.s. I'll be showing Melisser of Urban Housewife fame around Austin this week! Expect fantastic photos & tales of good vegan eating very soon!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Moving on up to the East side

Our move is complete!.. and so is most of the unpacking. It's been long and hard (that's what she said). I know it's not news, but moving SUCKS. It makes everything hurt. At times you want to put all your stuff on the curb and live the "simple life" but, that's not me. I'm not simple. I need this for that and can't get rid of x, y & z because they are needed for c, d & e! So we march on in our journey for order and cozy-ness. And cozy it will be! Our new place is about 1/4 the size of our old house. Eek! Time to get creative! The BIG project has been putting together Model Citizen HQ. There are no pictures yet, but I think this will be the most streamlined work space I've ever had! Super exciting! I've been visiting Apartment Therapy daily for inspiration. Thanks Apartment Therapy!

In other news - Model Citizen will be unveiling some new snazzy designs in October! More dresses ladies! Also - I've got a new super secret collaboration with one of the worlds biggest craft stars that will be released very soon! Unfortunately I can't say more than that for now. I know, boo, hiss - but patience is a virtue, right?

For now - I leave you with a drawing of some dresses I doodled from a dream I had. I hope you like them ;)