Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mermaid Water

Bath time is the best time. I know this now. When I was young I would fight it. Bath time was up there with bed time & home work time & "we gotta take you to the dentist" time. It did not matter how many toys were buried in the bubbles, I didn't want to play. If anything I'd get into save my plastic friends from a watery death.

I am so glad all my feelings about personal hygiene have taken a complete 180 since I was 7. I am a big girl now, who is obsessed with smelling great & feeling softer than is humanly possible. But I want it all! I want to smell good & feel even better with the use of no man made chemicals what so ever! That is where my love affair with LUSH comes in. I've told you of the miracle that is their face masks, but there's oh so much more to fall head over heals with. I'm happy to announce that Austin, TX recently got their first LUSH store & now I can have it ALL any old time I want!

On my most recent trip I discovered what can only be described as Mermaid Water. It is marvelous & I simply could not feel like a decent human being if I didn't share this bath time blessing with you!

Here's how you make it happen. It's one part Big Blue Bath Bomb & one part Sunny Side Up Bubble Bar (which you can break into pieces for multiple uses). Big Blue takes you ocean side with fresh sea salt, arame seaweed, lavender, & some citrus notes while Sunny Side smells of tangerines and is covered in a light and shimmery gold glitter. Not the crafty kind, but the kind that is edible and made for dusting over some bad ass cupcakes or maybe some upside down pineapple cake... just a thought - I mean, why not?

So you lovingly mix these two amazing items into your bath water while it's running. What emerges is a glittery tub of aquamarine bubbles that will shimmer and shine all around you. You will feel as though you never want to step foot on dry land again.

Click here to find a LUSH store near you.

And just because I can't help myself:

Best. Bath. EVER!
Cross my heart!

Bonnie Rue