Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hurricane Bonnie!

So Ike completely missed Austin, TX. We had some wind but not a drop of rain. Sigh.
My friends who live in Houston & down on the coast all survived with no damage to them or their property. That's a relief.

I haven't posted in a while because I myself have been a hurricane of productivity!
New designs in the works & placing orders to restock old ones. Shipping off web orders & making TONS of jewelry for Bazaar Bizarre next month... it's all coming together!
Dare I say I have it all figured out? Nah - I'd never go that far, the universe doesn't like to be figured out, so be it.

My house is a mess of creativity! Drawings, computer junk, jewelry supplies, & lists cover every available surface. It's nice really. With Austin gone there is no one to complain about the clutter ;)

As if I don't have enough going on... I took on another project last week. What is it they say? Idle hands are the devils playground? I believe it. A guy approached me about being the costumer for a movie he is producing in the spring! The script was good, the characters were interesting & the money was right. I've never done wardrobe work before, but so far so good! I've got all the main characters ready to roll, now all I have to do is shop for them, yay! I like the idea of shopping for imaginary people, I like it a lot. It's a really fun job that had never really crossed my mind. I've been thinking about movies/shows with great casts that I would have liked to dress. My So Called Life, Rickie & Rayanne alone would have been a blast! ...Why oh why did that show only have one season? Velvet Goldmine! Headwig! The Anniversary Party! The list is endless really. This movie doesn't really call for costumes so much, just wardrobe. There's some party scenes, and for the most part the characters are regular folks, but opportunity has made me day dream of future jobs like no ones business... I've got my fingers crossed that it will lead more.

Aah, so many dream jobs to dream about!
What's your dream job?

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