Sunday, August 24, 2008

Want. Need. Pt 2

Things have been busy. Helping my bf get ready for tour, a month long trip this time. Eek! It's a full time job getting all the bases covered before he leaves.
So, he walked out the door this morning & I seem to be coming down with something... my stomach is up. set. Psychosymatic or just the way things work out? I am not sure.
So here I lay in bed... let the listing begin.
All I want to do is hibernate. I want the weather to turn, the leaves to fall, some hot tea, an earlier sunset, soft knitted things to cozy up in & a happy stomach.


hibernation wish list? oh yes!

Lets start off with the entire Six Feet Under series. It's the best show that's ever existed if you ask me. It's hilarious, totally strange, & much like court TV it makes me feel way better about my lot in life.

Because I get cold & because it is adorable, I want. need. this lovely hat from Lonely Planet

These loud & proud patchwork leggings from Animated Closet look as though they were made for me! Let me live on my couch in these bad boys! Added Bonus: If I had to go out for something I wouldn't have to change for fear of running into someone. I'd already look amazing.

One thing I would go out for is tea to calm my stomach. My favorite is always green peppermint tea, which isn't really worth writing home about, but it's my fav. If I felt better & had days on end at home hunkering down in my creative bunker with my manfriend I would like to try My Maple Cookie from Intimate Teas. They claim that it makes you smell AND taste like a maple cookie! That ladies & gentlemen is exciting! They also have a tea by the name of "Screaming O" which says it all. Check out their website for details.

And last but not least, these fuzzy wuzzy shoes say "pretty please shuffle about in me!"

I believe they can be found on Zappos - of course...

Since I am addicted to polyvore (I try to keep it at a minimum) I made a hibernation collage. In which you can see my full hibernation day dream in all it's glory.

You should make one too so we can compare notes ;)


Michael said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well, but if you wanna snuggle down to some Fisher family madness, I'm there anytime. And make sure and let me know how that Maple Cookie Tea works out. Yummy!!

Eli said...

Those pants are really amazing. I think I'm in pants-love.

I'm sorry you're sick, kitten. Rest! It takes a lot of energy to be fabulous, your body just needs a little break.

Annie said...

I love your hibernation outfit!