Saturday, December 12, 2009

Confession Session...

Dearest Blog Readers,
As you may have noticed - my blog entries have been few and far between over the past few months. I find myself not writing as much because as mothers have said for centuries - if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. It's been a pretty rough year & as each month passes I fear I have even fewer nice things to report. Maybe you've picked up on my malaise or maybe I've done a good job of masking it, either way I've just been having a shitty year. Forced to move out of my home of 6 years because of sky high property taxes... Problems at my day job (that are far too blah to go into) & recently me & my boyfriend of 10 years almost split up. The cherry on top? This past week I've been sick & in bed. Ugh. It's hard to "just keep swimming" sometimes. I've been creating some new stuff for Model Citizen, but I haven't had time to photograph it & blog about it & I've no energy to try & "sell it". You know what I mean? I'm just not "on" right now. I'm not complaining. I know you can't have the rainbows without the rain. I just thought I'd be honest with y'all.
The good news is - I'm going to snap out of. Soon! Dancing should help. So, without further ado... Jem performing Le Tigre's one & only DECEPTICON! Who's going to dance with me?