Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Bitch in need...

well, you know the old saying.

Are you a magazine fiend like I am? You can tell me.
I subscribe to tons of magazines & I also visit Book People every month to buy more magazines. Maybe I have a problem but I am okay with that.
You wanna know what's not okay? Awesome independent publications disappearing from the shelves. I am sick of seeing this happen. I know I know - everyone is going green, many magazines exist only online now, but 100+ pages that I can stuff in my purse & read anywhere is something I don't want to say good bye to.
Right now Bitch Magazine needs a helping hand. Bitch has been around for about 12 years now. You probably know & love it as I do, but with the cost of paper & postage going up these lovely Portlander's find them selves in a tight spot. It costs about $40,000 to print & distribute one issue of Bitch! Whoa! That means they are spending $160k a year on printing & shipping alone! It turns out that they don't have the $40 grand they need to print the next issue. This is a call to action! We can not let Bitch go extinct! What can you do to save Bitch? Let me tell ya:

1. Make a donation (anything helps)
2. Become a subscriber
3. If you are already a subscriber you could purchase a gift subscription for your favorite feminist, she'll love you for it.

You can also put banners on your website or blog to inform other folks.
Thanks ladies! I mean, Bitches!

Bonnie Rue


Eli said...

The speed of the fund raising thus far gives me hope for the future.

Magazine addicts unite and conquer!

Model Citizen aka Bonnie Rue said...

I totally think they are going to meet their goal! I can feel it in my bones.

Eli said...

3 days! Wow! This makes me so happy.

Model Citizen aka Bonnie Rue said...

totally incredible!

that's some good news to wake up to!