Saturday, January 31, 2009

You may remember the Art Raffle Party I told you all about, yes? Well, I have to admit, I was a little sad to see my painting grow legs and walk out of my life forever. I was also quite unhappy that Clayton Kalman's "Sinking Ship" went home with someone other than myself. SO - I turned these two paintings into something that can be worn and had by everyone! Well, everyone with pierced ears that is.

While I was crafting these bad-boys I cranked out a few other pieces that are new to the shop. Inspired by the writers & drunks (& drunk writers) that you know and love.

I hope you enjoy them! If you are looking at any of these items and thinking "MINE!" they are available at . The bangle is one of a kind- so when it's gone, that's it. You will have missed your chance.

*Please also note that for the months of January, February, & March I will be giving 10% of all sales to The Austin Resource Center for the Homeless. If you feel any guilt in spending any money at all (which most of us do right now) just know that you will helping someone truly in need.*

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Playing With My Food

It's been said before that I am only ever interested in my next meal... & there's a lot of truth to that. You may recall from my first ever Want. Need. post that I absolutely had to have a Zojirushi Mr. Bento to pack my lunch in. AND I got one! Well, not the Mr. Bento but the Mini Bento (it's cuter and more my style). My Mom wrapped it up & put it under the x-mas tree for me, Thanks Mom! I have been packing my lunch in it everyday since the new year started & I gotta say - there IS an art to packing your bento. You want to get a variety of things in there with out all of them "contaminating" each other and you want to pack items that are to be eaten at the same temperature together.. it gets complicated! I'm all about becoming a pro though. To reach this goal I've been taking notes from The Food Pornographer, & Anna the Red. Anna creates some lunches that are so incredibly cute & creative that it would be almost impossible to eat them. She even customizes her own cookie cutters to make crazy little tasty creatures! AND if that doesn't make you want to get on the bento box wagon how about these awesome bento's made to look like some of the greatest albums ever! I found these on Jacket Lunchbox & my stomach is glad that I did!
So, the inspiration is there, now I need some tools & a little more time to pack my bento each night. I guess I could get up earlier & do it but, a girl needs her beauty sleep. I've really been enjoying putting them together so far. Not only is it a chance to make edible art but, it gives me a chance to think about my meal. It is so very important to think about not only what you are eating but the portions. It's all about portions. As my mother always told me "Moderation in all things". When I was a kid I wanted to jam a fork in my eye when she said it but of course she was right. That's why she kept saying it... and kept saying it and kept saying it. Thanks again Mom. I mean it! As I mentioned before, my camera is broken, so I can't take a photo of my lunch today, which is delicious & nutritious but doesn't smile up at you or make you want to rock the casbah. I will soon be enjoying a cup of 15 bean soup, with *you guessed it* 15 beans, an onion, some celery, carrots, a sunchoke, quinoa & some herbs and spices. Then I have a small salad with greens, sprouts, walnuts, grape tomatoes, with a few crumbles of gorgonzola & topped with a drizzle of olive oil. For dessert? Vanilla yogurt & a dab of apricot jam.

....dang, I wish it were time for lunch!

*big thanks to Red Anna for letting me use the picture of her Katamari Damacy bento*

I don't mean to brag, I don't mean to boast...

But I'm like hot butter on your breakfast toast!

Sorry - had to channel some Rappers Delight this morning...
Because check it out - I am Venus Zine's Reader of the Week!

I am totally * Blushing *

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Brooklyn isn't entirely overrated *wink*

Sometimes I feel like I've listened to everything in my music collection so many times that I fear I will puke if I hear it again. So, time to start digging for something new & I often think - it'd be cool if someone would throw me a bone. So if you are sick of your selection I suggest you check out these 3 bands, all from brooklyn (that's the theme today - I bet you didn't think there'd be a theme huh?). I hope you enjoy your bone:

When SxSW rolls around I look in the paper, mark off everything that I KNOW I want to see & then I go through & mark off bands with names that appeal to me. I do no further investigation, I just go & see if they suit my fancy. I've have some very good luck with this method! At SxSW 2007 I ran across a band called Beat the Devil who of course hails from Brooklyn (that's where everyone lives now right?). Shilpa Ray is the front woman for this outfit & it's been said that she is the best front woman who doubles as an air raid siren. I think Shilpa herself actually said that, but it's dead on. Her voice is off putting for the first few seconds, then you are sucked in my it's bluesy underworld growl. I've been listening to their self titled EP for a few years now, waiting patiently for a second release to knock my socks off. Unfortunately they disbanded in August of last year. BUT Shilpa has started a new band! Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers. I am now equally obsessed with her new venture. This woman can sing, write a darkly delicious song, oh & did I mention that she plays a harmonium? Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers are currently on repeat in my world. Check them out, become a believer.
Through Shilpa's music I was introduced to another Brooklyn lady who is getting some play here at the house, Jessica Larrabee of She Keeps Bees. You can hear the heavy influences of Cat Power, Patty Smith, & Scout Niblett, but she owns it & I am totally into it. Give it a spin & I think you will be too.
Now, of course Girls do rule & most boys do drool, but The Wowz are making my heart shimmy & shake these days. Folky rock with some solid vintage guitar licks & sharp lyrics to boot (think early Beatles makes out with Pavement). The first time I heard them sing the chorus from Thee Women Blues: "I wouldn't be a misogynist if my heart didn't hurt as bad as this" I laughed so hard I just about spit my teeth out. Then I wanted to hug them. We should all hug them - or at least give them a listen. You can find their work & many other awesome bands @ Recommended If You Like Records.

Time to get back to work!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Today I am sad...

If you know me, you know that I am not the kind of person who gives up. On anything. Ever. But today I am giving up the almost 2 month search for my camera. It is just gone. I have found all of it's accessories, it's case, everything accept the camera itself.
Very Upsetting. We were a team - me and my camera. Now I will have to find another partner in crime, and I will have to pay for it.

I've been looking online and of course - everything that really wows me is way out of my price range. So who out there has a suggestion for a sturdy point and click that takes pretty good photos and doesn't have a super long pause when using the flash.
Have you got a camera that you love and didn't cost a small fortune?
Tell me all about it!

In other news I've got lots of new things in the pipeline for spring! New dresses, boy beaters, jewelry, & yes, panties or underoos or whatever you want to call them.

*Fingers Crossed* I will have a camera to photograph all these new swanky items by the time all the printing is done.

Ok - let's hear about your camera!

Monday, January 12, 2009

I want you to have the best time ever

Saturday's art raffle was a super success! All that attended had a great time & some starving artists (including yours truly) walked away with a belly full of beer and what my great grandmother called "folding money". It was a party with a purpose. I felt proud, inspired, & grateful to be involved in something so simple and so fun.
Because I love you and want you to have the best time ever I am going to suggest that you, yes you, throw an art raffle of your own! Here's what you will need:

1. A handful of creative friends (10-12)
2. One room with plenty of wall space
3. One empty Kleenex box for each participating artist.
4. Raffle tickets
5. Pens
6. Cash Box
7. Fliers
8. Beverages *of course you could tell people that your event is BYOB* but as you know, if you buy a keg - they will come. If you don't want to buy a keg all on your lonesome you could ask each participating artist for $5-$8, that should cover a keg

Give all the participating artists a due date for their artwork. I would suggest at least a day before the party, that way you have time to play with the presentation. While your friends are busy creating something special for your soiree, it's time to
get the word out! Give a few fliers to each of the participating artists. Put stacks of fliers in coffee shops, print shops, vintage boutiques, dive bars, art galleries, local bulletin boards, your co-op, where ever you can! Make sure to take advantage of Twitter, Flickr, Myspace, Facebook, and all your friends blogs to let people know about your event.
Now it's time to open your doors and Raffle! Make sure you have a door person. If you are your own door person then you get to see everyone who attends, which is rare when hosting a party. Take money at the door ($5-$6 a head) and give everyone their tickets then. You get to decide how many tickets the entry fee will get them and how much more additional tickets will cost. Explain that they need to put their names on the back of the tickets and place them in the kleenex boxes under the piece they'd like to win & let them know what time you will be doing the drawing. Midnight is a good time for the weekends. You'll also need to decide if someone must be present to win if their name is drawn.
Then let the fun begin! At the end of the night you divide up the door between all the artists. Win Win!

So get to it! Raffle your brains out!

*all pictures were provided by Summer Anne Burton. Check out her flickr photo stream for awesome concert photos and her loverly face! She is an all around talented girl, she writes songs that will make your heart warmer and gooey than you ever knew possible.

**Thanks Jen for hosting and inviting me to participate! Best Time Ever!**

pictures, top to bottom: Bitches by Bonnie Rue, Sinking Ship by Clayton Kalman, Under Starry Skies by Summer Burton, Unknown by Amarin Enyart, & a photo of Larissa Swindle taking pictures of everyone's work.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Event Of The Season

Tomorrow night (January 10th, 2009) my dear friend Jen Morris will be hosting an art raffle! She asked all of her crafty, creative friends to do what they do best and make something for the event. Tickets are $5 - and that gets you in the door with a cold beer in one hand & a raffle ticket in the other. I did make something for this event, but Im not going to unvail it now! No way. You have to get your tookus down to 3100 King St and buy a raffle ticket. 14 other artists work will also be available. And what event in Austin TX would be complete with out live music? So yeah 8pm-2am, Art, bands, & beer. Come support your favorite local (and starving) artists. We will love you more for it (I know - seems impossible right?).
Other participating Artists include, Clayton Kalman, Larissa Swindle, Flip Soloman, & Amarin Enyart, to name a few.
be there or be square...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Austin American Statesman Love

So who's excited? It's me! Sorry if the scan is rough, the paper was a tad wrinkly.
But, yes here it is! For the first quarter of 2009 I will be donating 10% of my net profits to help the homeless. If you have read my blog before you know that I volunteer
once a week at my local homeless shelter & I wish it could be more often. Being a busy girl I figured I needed to find more ways to contribute. 10% of every purchased (from the website or any boutique) will go to help someone in need.
Why? Because everyone is down on their luck sometimes.

Bonnie Rue

Saturday, January 3, 2009

It's totally late, but Happy New Year!

Where the hell have I been right? Well, I was taking a TOTAL break over the holidays. No blogging, twittering, photo taking, none of it! I put myself in time out & hung with the fam & old friends who are usually far far away. I am better for it!
It was the exact definition of relaxation.
So, I'm back at home now & the work has really piled up! I've got some orders to ship out, an illustration due for Shebang Magazine, tons of jewelry to restock, then I must finish unpacking, & oh yeah - I gotta do my taxes! Aaah!
No sweat, right?
Like I said though - it was worth it. Austin (my mister not the city) & I spent a lot of time with my folks making dinners, watching movies, & walking the dog. He had to head back to Austin (the city) long before I did to work on the new Lions record & to prepare for some dates with The Toadies. One of which was on New Years Eve @ The Ridglea Theater in Ft. Worth. It was packed! The show was amazing! What a way to ring in 2009! At Midnight I was standing on stage with Austin & all the other members of Lions, The Toadies, & their wives to do the count down for 2,700 people! It was intense. I'm not usually onstage for anything & I'm never in front of that many people. I was a little wobbly in knee's but Austin held my hand & I got over the stage fright real fast (Thanks Austin). If we'd been up there a few more moments someone would have had to get the hook pull me off stage. Funny how I went from stage fright to feeling totally at home...

After I tackle my "To Do" list I will be posting new jewelry, some new dress designs & maybe even a little video of my progress with the ukulele! Only time will tell.

Happy New Year Everyone!
2009 is going to rule the school!

*the photo above was taken by Mischa Chandler for The Dallas Observer