Monday, April 18, 2011

Want. Need.

Winter and all of it's gloom has left the building! It makes me want to lay in the warm shade all day long, reading and doodling my life away. Yes, I have a trillion things to do and there will not be nearly enough lounging, but a girl can dream. So - inspired by Spring, here's all the shiz I am currently fawning over. Get it? Spring, Fawning? Anyway...

My friends say I'm pretty competitive, and it's true. Not in a Heathers kind of way. I'm a nice girl. I'm thinkin' though - if one were to pick up a bottle of Strawberry Flowers by Fresh you would have a good shot at smelling even more lovely than the honeysuckle wafting in through my window. Take that Mother Nature! I am sold!

What could be better than swaying down memory lane in my hammock? Well I can think of a few things but I'm not going to put make outs & margaritas on my want/need list because they are both a given. Anyway - Did any of you ladies live for the moment when your issue of Sassy would show up in your mailbox? I sure as hell did. It was the first magazine I ever became fanatical about. When they went out of print I felt like my BFF had moved to Canada over night without leaving a forwarding address. Dramatic much? Totally. I was 15. Back then I had no idea how expensive it is to run a magazine. All is forgiven though. I have a few old issues & soon I will own How Sassy Changed My Life: A Love Letter to the Greatest Teen Magazine of All Time by Kara Jesella & Marisa Meltzer. The reviews are great & even if they're wrong... I sort of don't care.

Once I get tired of lazing about all on my lonesome I think I'm going to need this fantastic little Bodum Grill so I can feast outside with my gang on my merry-go-round. I feel the need to cook as often as possible over a fire - outside of my adorable, yet frighteningly warm kitchen. Peaches & figs with balsamic glaze! Mussels & grilled lettuce salads! Tofu dogs with grilled onions & homemade spicy wine mustard! I'll stop now. I could go on like this all day. Are you a pit boss? Have a favorite recipe you'd like to share with me? Please do! FYI - the photo here is from the NYT and not of the grill I'm dreaming of. Please click on the link if you want to peek at the grill.

Rompers! Sundresses & Skorts! Oh my! If spring & summer ever had a uniform - this would be it!
When I moved into my new place I purchased a desk off craigslist that is PERFECT for sewing! I'm a little rusty but my Mom sent me some really cool old patterns that claim to be quick & easy, so I'm planning on getting my sewing fingers back! I'll post the results (even if they are hideous). Cross my heart. Is anyone else doing some spring sewing? Care to share? If not, but you wish you were - Etsy always has great vintage patters. Burdastyle is another amazing place to check out. They have some of the cutest patterns and sometimes they are FREE!

Last but never least... Anything from the Irregular Choice spring collection.
*heart melting* I am not 100% positive that you could play badminton in them, but croquet and lounging should be a breeze. C'mon - tell me you don't love these?

Well, that is enough wanting and needing for today! I am going to go now & be content with the things I have. Please forward on any recipes or feel free to share what you are reading this spring. AND of course, I want to see your sewing projects!

Bonnie Rue

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Brunch for President!

Forget Trump, Palin & Barack. Cast your vote for mimosas, home fries, flap jacks & the worlds favorite food - bacon!.. or veggie bacon for those who are not carnivorously inclined.

What the hell am I talking about? Am I seriously encouraging you to shove your political views off the table only to make room for a pitcher of bloody mary's and a plate of scones? No! That's not what is actually happening here. I'm introducing you to my friend Haley's awesome new blog - Brunch for President!

Once upon a time Haley had what I like to call "Fear of First Food" - meaning that she sort of hated breakfast food. Dubious, am I right? Those days are now behind her and to celebrate her new found love for all things Bunch she has been eating and drinking her way across the city, through the weekend & into your heart. I just know you will be as wild about her as I am.


To inspire you for the upcoming weekend feast I will be posting a brunch inspired haiku on Brunch for President every Friday! Every freakin' Friday without fail! So - get your digital brunch on, check out my dumb haiku's & REMEMBER: There's no such thing as too many mimosa's.

Bonnie Rue