Monday, September 15, 2008

Lions, White Tigers, & Craft! Oh My!

It's official, Monday September 15th totally exceeded my expectations. Got up super early to find that the temperature here in Austin, TX has finally dropped! It was in the 70's all day long, which is very rare here. By the time I got to work and checked my email I found out that Craftzine had posted a Q n A they did with me! We talk a lot about the craft community here in the great ATX & the upcoming Maker Faire. It was a lot of fun & super flattering to be featured on their amazing site. I tell you - the people at Craft are friendly and endlessly creative, love them!

After work and coffee with a friend I found that LIONS uploaded the first episode of their tour documentary! I get to see what my mister is up to :D
Those guys are on quite the adventure! Highs & lows, sold out shows, & questionable hygiene practices ensue...
here's a little *Becoming a Rockstar 101*

3, 2, blip...

Episode 1

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