Sunday, March 27, 2011

Make up. Make out. Break up. Move out.

Has it been a lifetime since I last posted anything here? It certainly feels like it. I didn't mean to neglect my blog but it's been a rocky year in the house of Rue. Since my last post I've had my heart cracked, hammered, stomped & eventually flushed. Me and my boyfriend of 11 years decided to call it quits. There was no name calling, plate breaking or launching eachothers personal affects through the window and onto the lawn. No one hates anyone and there was no BIG reason.. It was just time I guess.

I moved in with my lovely friend Jen about a month ago. She's wonderful, smart, well traveled and read & she enjoys all the experimental dinners I cook - so all in all, perfect roommate. The house is awesome and in a great part of town - PLUS - we have a merry-go-round out back! Sometimes I eat my breakfast on it, taking slow little 360 degree tours of the back yard. Pictures to come soon!

Yes, I've been drinking away my sorrows. Tequila is my official break up medicine. I gotta tell ya though - broken hearted with a hangover is just not pretty. I'm turning a corner now though. I haven't had much to say.. and I promise you - nothing you'd want to hear anyway (cross my wounded little heart), but spring has me smiling again! So we will now return to our regular broadcasting schedule. If anyone is still reading this thing that is.

On another note - my work/storage space has been cut in half so you can expect a massive Model Citizen sale very soon! Also - you can look forward to a total revamp of GG&G before my next post. Exciting!

who loves you?
Bonnie Rue