Wednesday, November 26, 2008

All Things That Are Good

Like many people I am on a holiday vacay from work. Giving me plenty of time cruise the web, aimlessly... Yay! Best time ever!
If you know me at all, have ever read my blog before or seen my clothing line for that matter then you know I have a thing for female musicians, people with animal heads, & bikes. All things to be thankful for because they are um, great! I recently discovered one of the greatest music videos that, yes indeedy has all of these wonderful things! After watching it a few times and falling further in love with it I felt the need to share it with you. So here it is: What's a Girl to Do by Bat For Lashes


and if you found the video exciting then I have a feeling that you will enjoy this print by Axeltorte. I'm bat sh*t crazy about it!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Living Large

I am making my world wide web return! For the past 5 days my internet connection has been effed! Not sure why really. I had technicians out. It would work while they were at the house and then moments after they drove away "poof" the connection would be gone again. Leaving me to believe that they themselves held the signal. Little internet fairies? Now things are moving along swimmingly.
Some good did come out of my lack of internets though. I got a lot of drawing done along with most of my xmas shopping & crafting - go me! Normally things come down to the last minute around here...
I had been neglecting my sketch book a little bit which is lame, but I returned to it with some new ideas. If you've ever seen my flickr account you know that I normally draw ladies. Ladies dancing, ladies making music or crafting, you know, stuff inspired by all the ladies in my life. But I started a new series! Diva Pets! Better than chia pets or real pets because they require no care at all, just a little adoration. Being an animal lover who hails from Dallas, TX (home of the BIG hair) I suppose this series was bound to come to me at some point. Big hair is my favorite fashion statement! Last New Years I went to my friend Ash D (aka Ashtacular!) @ Frenchy's Beauty Parlor before the party started and asked her to Doo me Up - literally. She curled, teased, sprayed, & sculpted my hair into a mountain that I was able to dance & sleep in for 3 days!!! Yes - I have a little 3 day party monster living inside me. Here is one of the only remaining photos from that NYE 2007. Me and Danielle of Big Green House @ The Sock Hop... at the time this was taken the glue from my fake eyelashes had seriously started to bother my eyes - eek!
So yes - in my humble opinion big hair is always the way to go! It takes time & patience, or maybe just a talented stylist, and it's always worth it.
Speaking of big hair, Jennifer Perkins of Naughty Secretary Club fame asked me to send her a picture of my personal jewelry display for her blog. How could I say no? So, here it is - I keep my most frequently worn earrings on these bouffant rockin' ladies right here >
Check out Jennifer's blog for many other awesomely creative ways to store & display your jewelry stash!
AND if you want to be the girl with the tallest curls in your county you should check out Beauty & the Bouffant. You'll get a little inspiration from the greatest diva's & starlets of all time i.e. Aretha Franklin, Joan Collins, Mamie Van Doren, Jayne Mansfield & of course Brigitte Bardot.

*Let us all be hair hoppers*

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ok Class, If we could all turn to page...

This is my 40th post and I am so freakin excited to report that Model Citizen's Outlaw Yoga Pants have been featured in the Dec/Jan issue of BUST Magazine! My favorite magazine ever!! Oh Happy Day!
Now I'm off to do a little victory dance all over Ausitin, TX!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

9 Years of Awesomeness

Today, November 13th, 2008 is a pretty amazing day. It is me & Austin's 9 year anniversary.
In the fall of 1999 I moved from Dallas, TX to Olympia, WA (on a whim) to live with Eli, an old pen pal. I had no plan, no money, just a need to escape Texas. Once I arrived in the lovely northwest Eli's bf was nice enough to help me find a job. So within a few weeks I was gainfully employed at Magical Journeys as a phone psychic. No, I'm not kidding. My first day on the job I met Austin, who had just arrived from in Olympia via Houston, TX. The moment I saw him I knew I was in trouble. We sat in neighboring cubicles, peering into our crystal balls* for weeks before I had the nerve to really talk to him. Of course, we hit it off famously. Eventually we hung up on the psychic hotline & headed back to Texas. After a short & crazy stint @ a communal warehouse in Dallas (that we shared with 15 other people) we moved south to Austin TX. It has been our home for almost 8 of these 9 years. Spending practically a decade with someone isn't always easy or fun, but the good times have always out weighed the bad. He is my best friend & the most supportive partner anyone could dream of. The fact that he is incredibly talented, wonderful to look at & extremely well read doesn't hurt either.
People ask us all the time, "when are you guys going to tie the knot?"
Well... I'm happy to say that Friday, November 13th, 2009 is the big day!
It's going to be big! I'll post details as things get confirmed.
On the right here is a mini zine I made for Austin a few years ago for
Valentines. It's filled with little inside jokes & obviously lots of music references. It was a fun project that now lives on the mantle in our dining room, right by the giant 'bird of prey' kite that he got me (I'm a kite freak).
So, why am I posting a blog about how much I love this guy on the night of our anniversary rather than spending it curled up in a fancy restaurant booth with him?
Well tonight he is playing Emo's with Electric Six (the price of loving a rock star) which I'm about to get all dolled up for. Speaking of, time is slipping away! I've got to dance this mess around if I want to dress to impress!

*there weren't actually crystal balls, we read tarot cards ;)

For Austin:

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Making old art new again

I've been making tons of "One of a Kind" items for my shop lately. We have a lot of guys from Austin's band (Lions) staying at the house right now so I hide away upstairs crafting & listening to the Fruit Bats. I can't complain really. I come down to make dinner with everyone. We dance around the kitchen, drinking box wine & cooking big pots of spicy beans & rice. I guess I'm saying that being a "starving artist" is a lot of fun. Or more fun than people make it out to be anyway. So yeah, I've been crafting many one of a kind pieces. My favorite being the "Unicorns Are Real" earrings pictured above. I used the silhouette of the unicorn in a drawing I did a year or two ago called "You are my secret admirer?!"
It's a good feeling to make old art new again. You get to revisit your creative past. I love sitting down with a cup of tea (or glass of wine) to flip through my old sketch books. Some of it is just embarrassing but I think that's what I like most about it. Blushing & laughing at yourself is good medicine.

Okay, now I'm calling on you to revamp an old drawing or update that purse you made out of a pillow case 3 years ago (you know it's hanging in the back of your closet getting no love), & then blog about it or post it here.

Happy Revamping!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Celebration Sale

Hello Everybody!
In the spirit of change & the nonviolent revolution that went down in the USA November 4th Model Citizen is holding a Celebration Sale!

Details? Okay!
For the entire Month of November you can get 15% off of ANYTHING in the shop!

Once you've decided on what it is that you can't live without,
Go ahead & purchase the item & enter this coupon code *HELLYES*
in the "Note To Buyer" section.
Then I will send you a refund for the 15% through PayPal as soon as your payment goes through!

This sale is not available to just anyone! No No! You have to be my friend on Myspace, follow me on Twitter, or read my blog.

Just a little kick back for those of you who support Model Citizen ;)

Bonnie Rue
ModelCitizenClothing. com

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Want. Need. Pt. 3

Recently I've been saving a lot more & spending a lot less. Not letting myself scratch that "shop therapy" itch. It's frustrating & (currently) I dislike it, but it makes me think about the things I really want, rather than just buying things on a whim. Me & my little household have talked about following in the foot steps of San Francisco's Compact. This means we would buy nothing new for 365 days. To learn more please visit their blog. BUT we haven't made the commitment yet so let's get started with Want. Need. Pt 3 - shall we?

Riedell's Vegan Derby Skates!
Let me start by saying that my life is seriously devoid of roller skating. I've been window shopping for skates for quite some time, I don't like the idea of renting skates. I just don't want to do it. They're funky & they're funky because of other people's feet. No thanks. I like these because they are not leather, smokin' hot, & designed by derby dolls specifically for speed. Did I already mention how freakin' cool they look? I don't want to join the derby or anything. I spend my entire life trying not to fall down in front of strangers. I just want yet another hobby ;D

A Blue (or pink?) Ukulele
Austin & I were talking about banjo's & ukulele's the other day & how the chords are the same. I am currently not interested in playing the banjo but the ukulele is another story entirely. After our talk I did some research about the cost, different models available... but before I got too far I found this video posted by the lovely, talented, & hilarious Liz Wood . I am sold! One Ukulele Please!

Number 3 on this Want/Need list needs no explanation, it's just freakin' RAD!
Here it is, A quilt dedicated to Blythe! What could ever be more fun to curl up in? Please tell me. This photo is from Heidikira's flickr photostream - which you should check out. She is traveling across Europe eating many dee-lish looking things & taking lots of pictures with her Blythe dolls.

November is here & in the blink of an eye Thanksgiving will be upon us. Me & mine have chosen to stay home this year & host an orphans holiday... but Im going to need some more serving trays and plates if we are going to do it right. I've got my eyes on these two pieces from Trixiedelicious. Im going to go ahead & file this directly under "NEED"

And last (for now) but not least, I've been daydreaming about my next tattoo. Im not sure where I want it to go, but I know what I want! Tons of vegetables! A collage of vegetables just like the illustrations on old timey seed packets! It excites me so!

Daria Morgendorffer Makes Her Comeback

Due to messed up priorities & sheer busyness I haven't had the pleasure of celebrating Halloween in the past few years. Which is entirely no fun! Finally this year Halloween was in full effect. Originally me & a few of my lady friends were supposed to dress up as The Misfits (Jem & the Holograms rival band), but group costumes are always talked about with the greatest enthusiasm & rarely ever come to be. SO I went as one of my all time favorite sheroes - Daria Morgendorffer. Unfortunately most people thought I was a mix between Daphne & Velma from Scooby Doo or the nerdy girl chipmunk... My only response to this was "C'mon people, watch better cartoons!" Seriously. I hit the town after carving up a rad Tiger pumpkin with our newest housemate Todd. He hadn't given his costume a lot of thought so I put him in one of my dresses & Prest-o Change-o he was Toddanya, the Bearded & Tattooed Lady. We went to a party, drank champagne, & danced like boy crazy floozies until our feet hurt. Toddanya was a huge hit with the ladies & even the gents! Her dance card was filled all night & she kept telling me how freeing it was to wear a dress. Ha! Guys always enjoy wearing a dress, they are so freakin' jealous of us ladies & many different wardrobe options. There were a plethora of fabulous costumes at this little shindig! I was unable to photograph them all because my camera died. Dang it! I've had a film crew shooting a movie in my house for the past week (long & not so fun story) who ended up moving everything I own into one scary & unmanageable pile. My camera charger was at the very bottom of it, thanks. So, no pictures of Austin's "Eyes Wide Shut" get up or the girl who came as Miss Brazil from Beetle Juice (she was spot on!) but I did get a few before my camera went night night.
I didn't score any candy & stayed out way too late, but the night was a success none the less. Next year I think Im going to have the party at my house. Bake a big cake shaped like a brain, get a Freddy Kruger pinata, & let my friends camp out in the yard.

So what did you dress up as this year? Did you get into any ghoulish trouble? Perhaps some rowdy teenagers threw a jack-o-lantern through your window? Do tell!