Monday, March 23, 2009

No rest for the wickedly intoxicated

The week long party that is SXSW has come to an end. I made it through unscathed.
Not all party goers can say that. I saw quite a few people who had more than their share of fun. I'd like to remind those people that free drinks aren't always free - sometimes they will cost you your dignity & maybe more. I found the crowd at SXSW this year to be a touch more debaucherous than normal.

Note: if debaucherous isn't a real word it should be

I spent the week bouncing around from venue to venue either delivering Vice SXSW Music guides or getting a earful of music from all over the globe. AND not being ridiculously intoxicated. See people - it can be done.
It was quite an adventure & I met some real characters. One of which will live on in my memory forever & I didn't even catch his name. He was a young squatter kid who helped me carry some stuff to Beauty bar through a pretty rambunctious crowd. When we arrived at our destination I thanked him & paid him $5 for his trouble he then said, & I quote, "You are beautiful, I love you!" & threw his fist in the air!! This was definitely a high point.


I also met Aaron from Red Fang (pictured on the right) who helped me deliver the rest of my SXSW goodies. In return for his kindness Austin & I let him & the rest of Red Fang camp out at our house for the remainder of the festival. Let me tell you - those boys can get down. There are no words - just check this out and you will understand.
So, Thanks Aaron for being a total doll! You & the rest of the fang are always welcome here!

I had a super long list of people I wanted to see this year, which turned out to be a little too ambitious. Most of what I saw was amazing though. Lions played 3 times and they brought it every. single. time! The Subpop showcase was fantastic as well. A building full of beards and two stages filled with the labels latest and greatest. I really enjoyed The Baptist Generals set, they played on the floor & the crowd sat indian style around them, swooning & singing along. Obits played after the generals. I'd never seen them before and I'm thrilled I got the chance. I highly recommend you pick up their most recent release I Blame You.
I also saw a band I've blogged about before, Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers. Shilpa was uh.mazing and her hookers were indeed happy. My socks were blown off. She played the Brooklyn Vegan showcase @ Club Deville. Come to think of it, the two greatest shows I saw all week were on this stage. Ponytail performed there on Saturday night. Not familiar with the catastrophically euphoric wonderment that is Ponytail? Well run, don't walk if they are playing in a town near you. Seriously. They are so bright & yet alarming - they will thrill you. Well, if you like the unusual that is.
Another highlight was the photo booth @ the Vice Saves Texas party. We walked in to find that they were serving free Hornitos (danger! danger!) and shortly after we located the photo booth. Before we climbed in we noticed there was a disclaimer on the booth, it read "Hornitos is not responsible for any guilty regrets, broken hearts, failed relationships, or bite marks, that may have been caused due to the use of this photo booth." We threw caution to the wind & proceeded to LIVE in there! So much fun! Oh & did I mention that the photos were free? Because they totally were. Thank you Vice for coming to save us and lavish our southern asses with free tequila & photo booth fantastic-ness. To see more photos visit my flickr page.

It wasn't all fun & games though. There was one pretty big disappointment. The last show we went to was a total bust. Austin & I hoofed it over to the Central Presbyterian Church around 1am to see Marnie Stern (who I love). There weren't many people attending, we felt like we were going to witness SXSW magic! We sit down in a pew all a titter, ready to be blown away. She comes out looking adorable & yells "Vagina!" we all laugh. She then tells a story about her drummer getting in a cab earlier that day with no intentions of coming back for their showcase. So, she got members of Trail of Dead & Crystal Antlers to fill in. Now we were really excited! A SXSW show off the beaten path with an unlikely line-up! I figured I'd get to rub this experience in everyone's face for years to come... Unfortunately - They did. not. deliver. It was a train wreck & I just couldn't watch. I think she was just having a bad day, so when she returns to the great state of Texas, I will be there. Ready to wipe away the memory of the Presbyterian Church forever.

And now we are up to date. I am tired, my feet are blistered & have no desire to drink anything with anyone anywhere. Me & the mister have had a quite night at home, we made a big pot of healthy & delicious pho to help nurse our wounds. Speaking of my mister, I'm going to go see what he's doing. I'll leave you now with some photos of a SXSW Treasure Chest and other random goodness. Nite Nite!


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Whistle While You Work

That's what I'm going to do.

SXSW is moments away! I've been a busy B trying to prepare for the shock to my system. Busy & super excited! Guests are flying in Wednesday and the house is almost ready. My boss is out of town until mid week so I'm holding down the fort by myself... Plus I'll be distributing all copies of VICE Magazine's SXSW Music Guide! Oh right and I need to restock Hovercraft & The East End Craft Gallery with spring goodness. Hoodies & Tanks here we come!
*Have I bitten off more than I can chew?*

No Way!

So what's been getting me through this hectic time? Well I've been listening to a lot of ladies from the west coast.
Hailing from Sacramento - Agent Ribbons - would be at the top of that list. She will be performing @ SXSW 5 times!!!

Also passing through my ears these days? My all time favorite (!!!) Songs for Moms. *Listen to "My Skin is a Grave Yard" - it's my favorite to sing in the car while I drive too fast*
If Dead Milkmen had not been men and rather women - they'd have been Songs for Moms. I love this band so much I actually did mail them a fan letter. If you find yourself crushing hard like I did then drop them a line:

Songs For Moms
1127 Peralta St.
Oakland, CA 94607

I'll probably be tweeting more than blogging during SxSW. Not following me on Twitter? Why not? I thought we were friends.

Bonnie Rue

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday, Bloody Fabulous Sunday

*Stretch & Yawn* What a fantastic weekend! It has been so fun and relaxing. Oh yeah & it started on Friday! I decided to play hooky so I could run around town with my dear friend Kym. We sipped Tea Sparklers from Whole Foods while participating in some shop therapy. Like everyone else, I've been super frugal lately. Not spending a dime on things that aren't entirely necessary. For the weekend though - I said "eff this" & picked up a few things that I felt I could no longer live with out. We hit up Parts & Labour* first where I had to say "no" to an adorable dress from House of Dang (out of Dallas). It was something I knew I could wear to death, but was about $50 out of my price range for the moment. Then we slipped into New Bohemia where I couldn't help but pick up this little rock n roll sweater tank that screamed "Debbie Harry" & was under $20! I will 'wear it to shreds' this summer! In fact - it may be unrecognizable in only a matter of months, because it is so comfy & will totally work in the hot hot weather that has already started to come around. Thanks New Bohemia!
Next we were off to Toy Joy (pictured at the very top) where Kym purchased tons of kitschy little Japanese toys. This place is so overwhelming in the most perfect way possible. I love it for it's over the top whimsy & amazing collection of plastic bugs, dinosaurs & deep sea creatures. They have bad ass board games too. I was ten seconds from buying the Dirty Dancing game when I decided on a flock of pink flamingos instead. That sounds logical right? Finally I felt a little too cross eyed & temped from being surrounded by soo many toys so we hopped back in the car & trucked it to BookPeople, the largest book store in Texas. I walked in with a shopping list, that if fulfilled, I would certainly have gone broke. After shuffling around for a while with an arm load of books I reeled it in & checked out with The Naughty Secretary Club: The Working Girl's Guide to Handmade Jewelry & a copy of Elle. Which of course I am thrilled with both. Feeling a little 'spent' we ended our Friday shopping spree & headed home to play with our goodies. Friday night I stayed in with my manfriend & studied my readable purchases. Best. Evening. Ever. The Working Girl's Guide to Handmade Jewelry is FANTASTIC! So very creative - it will make you look at literally EVERYTHING as a craft project possibility. I know Jennifer Perkins to be hyper crafty & the book really tips you off to whats going on in her head. She urges you to collect "stuff" & always be on the prowl for things that can be reborn as something wearable & totally unique. Which I appreciate, It helps justify my hording to a degree.

Saturday I stuck around the house to clean & organize things. Geez - I feel like I'm always *trying* to organize things! Anywho, speaking of looking at everything as a craft project possibility... Austin found an old drawer tossed out in someone's yard & brought it home the other day. So - Saturday morning we drank our coffee, spray painted that sucker & screwed it to the kitchen wall, turning it into a most unusual spice rack. Spray paint really is as necessary as duct tape in my world. See our collective crafty work:

It's so perfect! I'm in love with it & I'm so glad that it was Austin's idea. High 5 Austin! Once it was mounted he headed off to work & I continued on the path of cleanliness & order. The pile for Goodwill doubled in size as I went through our clothes.The living room got a mild make over & then I had to stop working on the more "fun" projects & pay attention to the grown up stuff. Doing our taxes this year was a little messy & we made our selves a promise that this will never happen again. Allow me to introduce our new filing system!
Never again will we go hunting for anything. Piles of receipts & accordion file folders that can be moved around - NO MORE! It all has a home now & it's so colorful & organized.
It's hard to believe I did this. But I did! If you too are organizationally disabled I am here to tell you that you can overcome. You can know order! You can know where your keys are or even that receipt from the record store that you can totally write off as "Research". You just have to focus. Use the Force! Don't go to the Dark Side...

Tired of working the left side of my brain I took a trip to Domy Books for some craft fair action & to see Nicole Eriko Smith's Consent to Play opening. It was incredible. I love her work. Mischievous, expressive creatures drawn out with a very light hand & precise detail. If you are in Austin DO NOT miss this show. It will be up until March 14th.

While at Domy I picked up something I've been wanting for quite a while! Hand Job by Michael Perry. I haven't fully absorbed it yet. An inch thick catalog of type - all hand drawn obviously. I think I will leave you now & spend some time in the hammock flipping through this monster!
Hello Inspiration Station!

Have a fantastic Sunday!
Bonnie Rue

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Thank you, and you and you and you and you and...

I want to thank you all for your comments and emails! What precious people you are!
And now it is so! There are 4 prints available on my etsy site. More to come very soon! I'll open another shop when I dream up the perfect name and it will be all prints all the time!

Once again - thanks for the push - you all rule the school!

Monday, March 2, 2009

More Etsy?

I've been going through a drawing craze. Staying up to late with my pens and my scanner and my wheels turning. It's been nice. A lot of the artwork I do does not fall into the category of Model Citizen. I have so many other ideas and Model Citizen is definitely it's own creature.
It's crossed my mind that I could open another etsy shop and sell prints of these late night illustrations. I thought maybe I could just put them up in the shop I already have, but the two don't really mix. Or they don't seem to in my mind. So, I am asking you. Are these things print worthy? Would you pay $20 to see them on your wall? Would you want to trade a print of something you made for one of them? Have a gander and leave me a comment telling me if you think I should just keep it as a midnight hobby or if it would be cool to make them available to the public.

So? What do you think. No worries, you won't hurt my feelings, it's just a thought.

Bonnie Rue