Monday, July 5, 2010

Hair Hopper

I rolled out of bed recently, crusties in my eyes, sun coming in through the window.. I stumbled to the bathroom with my eyes squeezed tightly shut, splashed some water on my face and then as I peered sleepily into the mirror I realized that my hair-do has officially expired. Yes, I am a bottle blonde. Not exactly a secret... but there it is. So yeah - my roots are extreme. Extreme I tell you! Now before I go under the bottle I decided to dig around for some inspiration - I mean, I don't want exactly the same do again. No way!
What did I find myself looking at instead of hair styles that I could actually rock day to day? Over the top, avant garde, super stylie, highly structured, tampered, teased and sprayed do's from all over the world of course! Because that's productive. Right?
Anywho - I thought I'd share my favorites with you. Enjoy!