Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wheels On Fire

It makes me pretty sad to think that I haven't had a chance to write a blog post in almost a month! Things have been so insanely hectic! Me & mine moved out of our house in exactly 30 days. That my friends was HARD. Austin (my manpanion) was in the studio recording a record & getting ready for a 3 month tour. I was in the middle of designing new items for fall and creating lots of new jewelry for the Texas Roller Derby Battle on the Bank II - The largest roller derby event in the world! Making a creative mess while packing and downsizing is something I hope to never have to do again. But I have to say - it all went off with out a hitch. I'm in my new temporary home now, living in South Austin with my talented friend Adrienne who is an architect & all around design genius. She is also married to the drummer of Austin's band so we are keeping eachother company while our dudes tour across the US. We work out together every morning and trade off making dinner almost every night. This might just be the most healthy & grown up relationship I've ever had ;)

But what about the Battle on the Bank you say? Well, it was kind of incredible! Women from all across the country came out to compete against our "All Scar" Texas Roller Derby Girls! I spent the past weekend in a huge room filled with some seriously tough women on wheels!

In true Texas style - the theme was capital punishment and when you walked in the door you immediately saw an electric chair sitting just in front of the ring! Kinda scary, but people popped in and out of it all day posing for pictures. The crowd for this event really brought it! I'm talking costumes i.e. Jedi's, Ninja's, peacocks & of course the derby dolls themselves we decked out in war paint, tattoos, super cute booty shorts and flashy safety gear. Eye candy everywhere!

Of course, I was cheering for Austin's very own Lonestar All-Scar Army but the San Diego Derby Dolls reigned supreme, beating the LA Ri-ettes 78 to 76 in the final bout! SO Close! To see everyone's final scores check out

As if all this heavy competition wasn't exciting enough - I am happy to report that I was in good crafty company all weekend long! So much talent! I had to keep reminding myself that I was there to work and make money, not shop and blow it all. Although I couldn't pass up a bottle of Bruise Balm from Glimmerance. Designed to help heal those of us who like to play rough so we can get back in the saddle a little sooner. I hope every derby doll went home with a bottle of this magical lotion! Oh did I mention that it smells lovely too? '

Other heavy hitters you should know about?
Diamonds & Guns
Devil Girl Designs
Lucy Blue Studio
Goth Martha
E Street Jewelry (etsy shop coming soon)

For all you ladies on wheels I highly recommend that you check out Jane Awesome. She has great gear, is a wealth of roller derby knowledge & can help you breath new life into your skates!

And if your wheels are on fire & you like it that way you should pick up a subscription to Blood & Thunder Magazine - the largest magazine dedicated to the revival of this awesome sport!

Bonnie Rue

Monday, June 1, 2009

Eight is Great

Indy Grrrl, a fellow blogger, juicer, crafterella & entrepreneur has tagged me to list 8 things about my life

8 things I am looking forward to:
1.Oddly enough - I am looking forward to moving & spending the summer in flux. My tree needed a good shaking & now it's happening. Time to purge & start over in a new place!
2. Visiting Portland in August! I'm going to escape the heat & visit some old friends!
3. Selling my goods @ the TXRD in a few weeks!
4. Paying off what little debt I have.
5. The next YART Sale (date TBD)
6. Going to see UP with my mister before he leaves for tour.
7. Doing lots of yoga with Adrienne who is putting me up for most of the summer.
8. Our Moving Out party which will be from sun up to sun down next Saturday!

8 things I did yesterday:
1. Rolled out of bed & got a smoothie @ The Daily Juice! Peaches & Maka & Ginko Oh My!
2. Model Citizen inventory & order shipping
3. Packing up the house (boring!)
4. Had a talk with my cat about his much needed attitude adjustment
5. Ordered T's from American Apparel, including XL's for everyone who requested them.
6. Posted some Pink Gunslinger T's in the shop
7. Had an amazing macrobiotic dinner @ Casa de Luz with an old friend
8. Fell asleep early watching No Reservations.

8 things I wish I could do:
1. Tap dance in roller skates... or out of them
2. Speak a 2nd language
3. Be taller
4. Quit my day job
5. Have my cake & eat it too
6. Play the piano
7. Spend even more time volunteering
8. Be naturally good at organizing things...

8 shows I watch:
I don't have cable so most of the TV I watch is either rented/ owned/ or viewed on Hulu
1. No Reservations
2. 30 Rock
3. Six Feet Under
4. Iron Chef
5. The Office
6. Daria
7. My So Called Life
8. The Daily Show

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