Sunday, August 17, 2008

Want. Need.

Making lists is such a sunday thing for me. Oh Sunday, let's get married. Just you, me & some paper for listing. Yes please.
It is fun to make lists & double fun to want things you don't necessarily need. What do you get when you put those two things together? My "Pretty Please!?" list:

Mr. Bento Stainless Lunch Jar! You know me, I am only ever really concerned with my next meal & with Mr. Bento I can just take my next meal (all 4 courses of it) with me anywhere I go. All in one neato little package. Mr. Bento even has it's own food porn community!
High 5 Mr. Bento! lunch goes voyeuristic, I love it!

A years subscription to New American Paintings! The most impressive & inspiring art publication available ANYWHERE! Each issue is like walking through one of the greatest contemporary art museums you can imagine.

Flight of the Concords sugar cookies! Need I say more?

How have I been living with out a pink hand-embroidered vagina?! How?!

Holga! Holga! Holga! Holga!
I may actually need this! I had such an amazing time with the Holga I borrowed from Rissa when I went to NY. I miss it, I want more! I want to experiment! To Customize...

And last but certainly not least...sigh
Isn't she dreamy?


Eli said...

Dear Bonnie, I adore you. If I weren't so terrible at plots and out of practice, I'd totally try to make you write that book with me.

For some reason, this post totally made me remember that.

How much is that bike?

Model Citizen aka Bonnie Rue said...

im sad! I don't remember our book idea. You & I were always coming up with something amazing that needed to be done. Refresh my memory?

As for the bike, well, that is the The Electra Amsterdam Royal 8. It will run about $850 - $900

maybe one day, but not today.

Anonymous said...

that camera is quite lovely, isn't it? i think i'm gonna have to add this to the "you really, really want this...but never in a million years" list of mine :) said...

I just clicked over from Sweet and Low and absolutely love your blog! I'm adding you to my reader so I don't miss anymore list awesomeness.

Model Citizen aka Bonnie Rue said...

Hey Rachel! Right back at ya!
your blog is awesome too!
I just put a link on my blog to One Pretty Thing :)

And Megan,
if you want a Holga you should get ya one! There aren't that expensive & you will have a little bit of photo magic in your life!


Larissa said...


v. nice wish list m'dear.

Model Citizen aka Bonnie Rue said...

I know Rissa! I've never wanted a vajay so bad, gut I am going to go ahead and say it...
I wish it were bigger.
i'm never satisfied....

Larissa said...

i've been meaning to try my hand at embroidery. i will make the biggest vagina EVER.

Jill Sherman said...

the vagina pendant is so perfect because it's one of those things 1 in 10 people will actually notice. the other nine will just continue on in oblivion while you laugh on the inside ;)

Model Citizen aka Bonnie Rue said...

I can only hope that the folks that did notice it would find it totally amusing and also have a twinge of jealousy.
'cause really - who doesn't want a embroidered pink vagina?