Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Techy & Sexy

**This post has adult themes & should not be viewed by the kiddo's**

So, it's the year 2008 & NO, we do not have flying cars, hover boards, or robot maids like so many movies & tv shows predicted... BUT we do have the internet & without it we'd be forced to continue doing whatever it was people did before it's invention.
So, today I'm checking my email & there was something in there from Babeland. I haven't checked their website in a long time so I paid them a visit. The page pops up & I learn that it is their 15th Aniversary... "Wow" I think, "that's weird, it's BUST's 15th anniversary too". Which is pretty cool! Makes me wish I were old enough in 1993 to get in on the ground floor of either of these amazing companies. But anyway, while cruising I am introduced to Sasi, which they tell me "know's what I want". Which is strange considering we've just been introduced... Then I did what you should do, I watched the video. They say it better than I ever will, so watch & learn
**there is no nudity but - once again - this is a video about a toy that is not suitable for children**

Sign me up for anything that has a "don't stop" button...
After this informative little vid I decided I had seen enough of Babeland for one day & skipped over to BUST.com where imidiately I run into this!

Yes Ladies & Gentlemen, you are looking at spray on condoms! They are still being tested but soon, one day, you can bust out a can of "Jolly Joe", tag your man, & get down to business! I do have a few concerns:
1. "What if" you miss a spot? Scary!
2. "What if you get it in your eye?!" No Thank You!

I'm not sure I prefer spray on condoms & sexually intuitive toys over a hover board, but I have to give a big High 5 to technology anyway. Go Team!

So what do you think? Are these exciting advances in our mondern world?


Eli said...

RE: Spray on condom- Oh my, so many questions. Smell? Toxicity? What if a hair gets stuck in it? What's it made of? How does it feel? Is the "reservoir tip" really not at all necessary?

Maybe if you have a street art fetish, I guess it could have it's place. *ponders*

Model Citizen aka Bonnie Rue said...

These are all wonderful questions and probably why it is still being tested. I hope.
Smell would be important. Im not sure how I would want it to smell... anything that comes to mind is something sweet that I would want to eat. Cake, Banana bread, tiramisu...

I also wonder if they come in different colors and how long a can of condoms would last you?

Eli said...

Okay, if it comes in Tiramisu I'm sold, despite all reservations. I have not had tiramisu since I went gluten-free in 2005. I'd be all about that, and it's been long enough since I had the real thing that I might not complain about the fake-ness of it all.

Different colors are a must!