Wednesday, August 13, 2008

If it's life you tend to like...

Better get yourself a bike!

Truer words have never been spoken! I dare you to say you don't love a good bike ride, or to tell me that you have never experienced bike lust. I "triple dog dare you"!
Being on a bike lets you experience the world around you in a totally different way. Driving down your street day after day, you miss all the little things that made you want to live there in the first place. But on a bike, it's all right there. You just cruise by and take it all in. I am guilty of not riding my bike enough. This is mostly because my bike is heavy & rusty. I can make it through a 90 minute bikram yoga class, but could I ride my bike to work & back? I am not so sure. With only 1 working gear the odds aren't looking so good. I do have my eye out for a new ride though. Something Danish & covered in baskets! I was shopping around on the web the other day for something with two wheels that I couldn't say NO to when I found the most amazing thing! Eric Stallers Conference Bike! Maybe it's old news but it wasn't to me! This contraption seats 7 people, everyone peddles & one person steers! Can you say Neato?! It wasn't what I was looking for but wow, I'm glad to know that it exists! See what I mean?

Geez, those people look happy. I see lot's of happy people on bikes here in Austin, TX. I want to be one of them. A big YES to joining their ranks & starting a gang :)
The other afternoon while I was day dreaming about this imagined gang I made these heart shaped bicycle rings. Because that's what I do, I make stuff.

I know a lot of people who make stuff, but I should note that part of the inspiration for said gang & the rings that followed came from my friend Eli. She has decked out her schwinn, in a totally kitschy & classy way. Jealous much?! I know I am! High 5 Eli! Keep the rhinestones comin'!

I guess that's all for now on the bike front. Maybe I'll go take my beast for a spin around the hood.

tah tah!


Ashley Pitmon-Putman said...

BONNIE!!!!! I have wanted to start a bicycle gang for a long time now!!! My bike, too, is rusty...all the gears work but in a scary sort of way so I prefer not to use them. But I love my bike. Oh man....I want to start a bicycle gang so bad....and I have to have one of those rings dangit. YAY for bikes!

Model Citizen aka Bonnie Rue said...

Move to Austin! We'll start an all girl bike gang!
Do you remember that all girl scooter gang from way back in the day, in Dtown called the Secret Cervix?
Those girls were so cool!
Best name for a gang ever.
We will need to come up with something that can compete with that...

Eli said...

Bonnie, girl, I've been talking about an all-girl bicycle gang for years, but all of my friends were out of shape/don't own a bike/lazy/looking for excuses not to do fun things!

I have yet to pitch this idea to my Portland friends... it just might fly!

Okay, so here's the plan- we'll come up with a name, and then we'll each start a chapter. Instant multi-state bike gang! We can wear matching stuff!

Okay, so I'm a little over enthused about this idea... I've literally been talking/thinking about this for years, no one else is ever excited. I anticipate your response!

Model Citizen aka Bonnie Rue said...

sign me up!
I will need to gather some ladies, you gather your ladies and then let the naming begin!

Eli said...

I've already begun recruiting!

Nikita said...

Can someone give me some advice on how to start a bicycle gang? I just moved to the U.K and am going to a pretty massive university, so the opportunity is there.

How do I begin? How do I recruit?