Thursday, August 14, 2008

Time To Dance This Mess Around!

I'll have to let my boyfriend know that he's got competition, because Gregg Gillis of Girl Talk is whispering sweet nothings in my ears, all day & all night! He is the man who has it all! Including my full attention ;)
Monday afternoon I purchased his new album Feed The Animals & I feel as though it will live in my cd player FOREVER.
I love a good sound collage, but his pairings are plain genius. Tell me, how do you pleasantly mix Kriss Kross with The Band? Can you even imagine Missy Elliot in the same room as Enigma? No, & definitely not sharing sonic space on the same album. But he's done it. Which is pretty exciting, but what's the cherry on top you ask? Well, how about the fact that his record label, Illegal Art is offering Feed The Animals @ whatever price you would like to pay? Yeah! How about them apples, or cherries, or wait what were we talking about?

Sorry, I got distracted by his awesomeness.
He's easy to listen to and easier to look at...

I mean, who studies Biomedical Engineering & then goes on to make the party album of the year?
This guy, that's who!

He made the Amps sound cooler than they did before? He may truly be the man of my dreams! Girl Talk is on a massive tour, go see him, shake your shit, & maybe take off your clothes. He will.


rissa said...

remember that time we got arrested for sexually assaulting him at emo's?


i'll ask you that again in a couple of months. :)

Model Citizen aka Bonnie Rue said...

you know i used to work as a phone psychic... I have um, consulted the stars (or something) and let me say that seeing into the future is like remembering, so yes! I do remember! It was seriously bad ass!

Angela Faz ~ Artist Extraordinaire said...

two words: APHEX twin and thug life, impressed. Thanks for sharing sucha gem. i luff you foreva.

;-) he is pretty yummy