Thursday, August 14, 2008

Erika Wennerstrom is my Shero!

Recently I have returned to my bikram yoga practice, which is very good, but man sometimes it leaves me feeling a little dead on my feet.
That's why last night as I stepped into The Continental Club to see The Heartless Bastards I was just not feeling it. A drink didn't sound good, the opening band was bothering me, the crowd was completely on top of me & I had to wonder if I should have just stayed home. This would be my first time to see them live & being a negative Nelly I started thinking that if they sucked it would really ruin it for me.
But whatever, I get a drink and cuddle up to the front of the stage with my bitches. The band comes out & I have to say Erika Wennerstrom is just so tiny & cute!
I couldn't wait to hear that deep soulful voice come out of such a petite person. This was the first show with the new HB line up, she seemed nervous & for no good reason! Every song was spot on & the little fuck ups were endearing. The crowd went wild when Erika joked that they considered changing the bands name to Capt. Dinomite & The God Damned Flame Throwers. Cute!
Speaking of cute - her new band mates tatolly fall into that category. My good friend John Farmer & I swayed on the side of the stage for a bit, talking about the drummer "He's dreamy" John yelled "oh god yes!" I replied.
To make a long story a little shorter, I'm very glad I went! They are playing the Continental again on the 21st & ACL next month. Don't miss it! Oh & for my fellow Austinites, you will be happy to hear that The Heartless Bastards have relocated from Ohio to Austin, that's right! They are one of us now ;)
I took some photos with my crappy camera - here's a little collage of them.

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