Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Time to meet your MAKER

Not too long ago I learned that Stitch will not be happening this November which broke my little crafty heart as I have been a vendor for the past 3 years. It is the one craft fair that I was sure to participate in every year. It hasn't been canceled, just postponed. Still sad news. So, I started thinking "crap, where am will I be getting my craft fair fix this year? ACL is too expensive... dang."
Luckily I had a little meet & drink with Katie from CRAFT a few weeks ago & she informed me that Bazaar Bizarre will be a part of MAKER Faire this year! I had heard of
this Bazaar Bizarre, but never attended one since it usually resides on the west coast. So that night I put in my application, crossed my fingers & voila! Model Citizen was accepted!

What you need to know:
MAKER Faire is
Saturday, October 18th: 10am-10pm
Sunday, October 19th: 10am-6pm

@ The Travis County Event Center & Fairground

What will you find there other than Bazaar Bizarre?
There is no telling! Robots, maybe some segway polo, a larger than life Mouse Trap, not to mention art, crafts, techy goodness, music (!), & all things wired, soldered, & electronically brought to life that you can imagine! In other words, it's NOT to be missed!

As I mentioned above, I do not participate in too many craft fairs.. I have a day job & one million things to do outside of it! So I am asking for your help:
Do you have any awesome crafty idea's for displaying jewelry? Keep in mind that we are talking about a 6 x 6 foot space. I will not be setting up a big table because I will need room for the clothing racks (which will be full of new hoodies, dresses, & T's!).
So lay it on me! I believe in your crafty / organizational powers!

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