Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wishing you a very special VD

And by VD I do mean Valentines Day. You know, with chocolates, not antibiotics.
For the occasion I put together a little lovey dovey mix. It's mellow & sweet like reading the paper in bed on Sunday morning.

These are some of my all time favorite love songs. I'm a sucker for covers so there are a few of those in here for ya.

First off we have Kiss by Scout Niblett, if you don't already know and love her then this song should seal the deal. It's about a love so wholly satisfying it completes her. Better yet it is a duet with Will Oldham of Bonnie Prince Billy fame. The video for this song is one for the record books. Do check it out.

On second base we have Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits by The Magnetic Fields off of their 69 Love Songs collection. This stupidly sweet ditty that says it all.

Not to be all ga ga over Stephen Merrit of Magnetic Fields, but You You You You You by The 6ths (one of Stephens MANY bands) deserves a spot on every Love mix. This track is sung by Katherine Whalen of the Squirrel Nut Zippers. So dreamy and pure. Mmmm.

Next up, Addicted to Love by Robert Palmer. Growing up my best friend and I would sit in front of the tube soaking up as much MTV as our parents would allow. And we WERE addicted to Robert Palmer. We'd listen to this single over and over again while we crimped our hair and talked about boys we wanted to "french"... and what exactly "frenching" meant. Those were the days. Thanks Robert!
FACT: Chaka Khan was supposed to be sharing the lead vocals with Robert on this #1 single but due to contractual problems Chaka was removed from the final mix.

No. 5 The Pixies provided me with a soundtrack for my entire high school career. I'd sit in my car over lunch listening to Hey, hoping that cute loner guy who always wore black knew that I existed on some level.

Here's one of those covers I was talking about. Nouvelle Vague doing a smash up job with Modern English's Melt with You. Let the cooing begin.

I must be in a mood today because I couldn't stop myself from putting Meant To Be by the Squirrel Nut Zippers on here. It's such a fabulous song. So soft and rich, it will have you slow dancing around your house in a matter of seconds.

I know a lot of people think that Yoko might be the devil. I disagree, so now I give you "Yes I'm Your Angel". Tra la la la la!

In Spite of Ourselves by John Prine is me and Austin's FAVORITE song to sing together! Hilarious, honest, adorably crude & entirely optimistic.

We're going to wrap this up with a few more covers.

Moe Tucker's version of Be My Baby doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it's Moe Tucker. Who I love and today is about Love... geez if only there were a Moe Tucker day!

Our final track of the day is I Touch Myself by Scala & The Kolacny Brothers. Originally performed by The Divinyls, but when this Belgian girls' choir gets their hands on it the song becomes a totally different creature. Enjoy!

Happy VD Everybody!
Much Love from me to you!

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