Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Reading Really Is Sexy

With Valentines Day looming and my bank account dwindling I've been thinking that a saucy night at home with the phones off may be the greatest gift I can offer my mister. What better way to prep for a zesty holiday romp than to peel open the pages of a dirty book? While I am no expert on erotic lit I do enjoy a good racey tale from time to time. I read anything from classic Anais Nin to the often hilariously cliche and totally hot Hipsterotica - which is filled with dirty hair, whiskey drenched kisses, vintage duds, & ├╝ber hip playlists to get busy to. If erotica is new to you and yours I suggest you find a used edition of Delta of Venus or The Story of O at your local Half Priced books or you could check out Hipsterotica online for free. BUT if you really wanted to treat yourself... I would pick up X: The Erotic Treasury by Susie Bright. 40 hot and steamy stories cherry picked by the God Mother of Erotica herself, all wrapped up in a sexy slip cover that says everything you need to know. If all this reading has you feeling - excited - and inspired to scribble out your own "sin"sational saga then I suggest you pick up The Bald Headed Hermit & The Artichoke: An Erotic Thesaurus. It will open you up to new terminology, both classy and crude, and maybe even inspire a story you didn't think you didn't think you had in you. Plus you will totally impress all your friends with your new endless wealth of dirty words.

So - for this Valentines Day skip the chocolate covered cherries & spend a night in bed wearing nothing but your sexy reading glasses.

Actually - what am I saying? Never say no to chocolate covered anything! And don't forget the wine!


Tuesday said...

What a great idea to read sexy stories with your Sweet.
It's a good way to keep the passion hot~ and as such, it's a thoughtful way to say Happy Valentines Day.

Model Citizen aka Bonnie Rue said...

Exactly! Way better than dinner and a movie.