Saturday, February 28, 2009

She Who Holds The Key

While attempting to de-clutter my house I came across my collection of unidentified keys. There were almost a dozen of them and there was no way I could just toss them out! That would be so cruel! I mean, some of them were gifts intended to be crafted with. Some (I believe) were from jobs I hated & others are a total mystery. They'd been hanging around here for this long just waiting to be revamped, so I drank a lot of coffee, popped in Teen Witch & got to work! This was a fun project for me because I was able to create some things that I wouldn't normally. Sometime you just have to venture to the other side of your crafty tracks and try something new.

This one is my favorite. This key is not a mystery, I know exactly where it came from. It was the key to the first apartment I ever lived in alone. I was 19 & had just broken up with my boyfriend. Most of the time I lived there I didn't even realize how great it was to have my very own place because I was so broken hearted. But - this wasn't the key the office gave me, this a copy I had made for my boyfriend when we started dating again. I know - how can I get rid of something with so much sentimental value? Well, we've been together ever since I gave to him so I like to think that this key is lucky. I want spread the luck & the love around. Maybe it could be the key to your heart too...

One of my ALL TIME favorite movies is Return to Oz and this necklace reminds me it. Not only because of the chain (which is vintage Chanel by the way) but because of all the keys that Mombi wore around her wrist. Remember they allowed her access to her collection of heads? I thought she was so creepy & because she was creepy she was COOL! Am I alone here? I mean she had a gang of Wheelers! Wow. Anyway, I digress. The key that brings it all together is unlike any other I've ever seen. I'm not sure what it was ever used for but I love the design so much. It looks like it really means business. Who ever said keys had to be boring?

Before I went on decorating the rest of the keys I became inspired to make my own. I had an idea for this shield floating around in my head for a while but was unsure how to finish it off. Duh! Turquoise key! Do expect more keyed up jewelry, I'm not sure when I will get all of them, but I intend to make every last one of them wearable art. If you have extra keys laying about I'd love to see you make something out of them! Lighten the load from your key ring and get crafting! Then, pretty please show me what you make :D

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p.s. The pictures in this post were made possible by the all too giving and unbelievably sweet ♥ Patri, who contacted me out of the blue on Flickr and offered me a camera that she was no longer using. Thank You so much! Alright everybody! Big Applause! Let's show this lady some love!


patri said...

Aw shucks! Happy to see you happy!

Eli said...

Yay for camera goodness! What a lovely generous individual.

I totally have Return on Oz on my wait list, just added it last week. Those wheelers were terrifying.

Model Citizen aka Bonnie Rue said...

Yes Patri is the shiz - the world is lucky to have her!

Return to Oz is so fantastic. I'm going to put it on my watch list now too. The wheelers really are scarier than the flying monkeys. Seriously. Maegan said...

these are cool. ...I love your tiger!