Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Want. Need. Pt. 4

What I really want and what I really need is sunshine, sand & the sea. I've been in a semi funk & I think it's because I'm ready for the world to be in bloom again. I'm tired of the tree's being bare & the nights being cold. My corner of the world isn't exactly glowing right now. An old drafty house & a dead yard is making me feel a little dark. This is where I am at, so why not embrace it? All of the things on this want & need list have been brought on by all the Joy Division I listened to this past weekend. I think I'd like to lay around, treating myself with these delightful looking Absinthe lollies from Lollyphile listening to yes, more Joy Division & letting the euphoria set in. Doesn't that sound like the best afternoon ever? Lollyphile is based in San Francisco and has been in operation since 2007 when they had an abundance of absinthe and NO candy (doesn't sound like the worst problem ever). They also offer other equally intriguing flavors such as Wasabi Ginger & Maple Bacon! A box of 12 will run you $24 & I think that is quite fair for a mouth full of decadence.

Since depressive hibernation is appealing to me at the moment, this bed (which I found on Apartment Therapy) looks like a dream come true. It is the Black Beauty of beds. So regal with it's amazing wood carvings & plush velvet. The wall paper doesn't do anything for me, I think it actually distracts you from the chandelier. Which may be a capital offense. But the bed, it could be anywhere in the world, an alley, whereever, & I'd be impressed right outta my pants & in between the sheets.

Next up on our list is something I've been coveting for a very long time. Alex & Chloe's Anneau Solitaire - Diamant Inverse Ring. Oxidized Sterling silver topped off with a cherry of a diamond. Pointy, dangerous, & sexy I like to justify the fact that I will probably spend the $340 they are asking for this ring because it doubles as a self defense device. I mean, I've got some moves. I know to go for the eyes & the groin. But if ever I'm headed back to my car alone after the bars have closed I think I'd feel pretty damn tough sporting this thing. Plus, if I totally chickened out I could just throw it at them, tell them its a real diamond & then run like hell.

AND how amazing would I look running away in this split personality number by Alicegohome? It's so modern-day-Stevie Nicks. I love the lower panel, the zippered bottom edge, the pinned up length of the sleeves & the silhouette. When I first laid eyes on it my inner voice said "that looks expensive". Well, guess again! Only $42! You can make it yours at www.YesStyle.com I stumbled upon this website a few weeks ago. It's like an Asian version of Urban Outfitter... or that's the best way I can describe it. Either way, it's fantastic and I want to give them all of my money. *Do NOT visit if you can't show self restraint*

With the dry cold weather & not enough sun my skin is getting scary. Dryness, breaking out, pores you can live in.. Ugh. I'm 27, whats up with this adult acne? While staring in the mirror at the disaster area that is my face I was reminded of my love for Maria Evora soap, made of sea salts & the dark fruits of the myrtles & carob trees. With a natural smell & beautiful cameo of Maria Evora herself this is a luxurious soap at a thrifty price. One bar will run you $5.75 + shipping at www.ADiscountBeauty.com

Then again, maybe rather than indulging in the darkness I should just try and over come my black thumbs. Bring a little bit of the outside in. Create my own Spring in this drafty house with a little help from Made By Mavis. She creates these adorable terrariums to
calm herself when she is feeling overwhelmed. I have to say, I love them and I am feeling the tranquility set in just by poking around in her shop.

And that concludes this episode of Want. Need.
I hope you enjoyed it.
And remember, while wanting things and striving to have more is a good thing (and fun) it's also very important to feel satisfied with the things you do have.
**I'm saying this more for me than for anyone else**


Two Tone said...

I LLove you.

Eli said...

I had the exact same thought re the wallpaper detracting from the chandelier: shameful and wrong! Gorgeous bed.

I love the inverse ring... very intrigued by the idea of engagement ring and weapon combined. I think Darshan will agree.


Tuesday said...

I so much can relate to having the winter blues! And the dry skin, and I've been loving terrariums lately too.
That shirt/dress number is very cool. You should get it. Dont'cha think? Great post- you hit the nail on the head in more ways than one.

Model Citizen aka Bonnie Rue said...

Two Tone: I Llove you too. But you already knew that.

Eli: Im glad we agree about the wallpaper. In the words of Oscar Wilde "This wallpaper is dreadful, one of us will have to go."
And yes - I too was thinking of this ring as my wedding ring. I do love it so. I am generally against diamonds, but there is an exception to every rule.

Tuesday: Viva la Terrariums and hydrated skin!
I will have to get the dress. Our closet it a little over run with dresses, but I think I can make room for it since it's so very unique.
I feel bad bitching about winter here in Texas, but I like it HOT!

My Daily Vintage said...

that bed is AMAZING ... if i had it, i'm pretty sure i'd never leave it

Model Citizen aka Bonnie Rue said...

My Daily Vintage: Exactly! The bed would be a blessing and a curse! I think it would make me highly unproductive... but when I have the $ I would love to find something like it to dream away my days in.