Saturday, January 3, 2009

It's totally late, but Happy New Year!

Where the hell have I been right? Well, I was taking a TOTAL break over the holidays. No blogging, twittering, photo taking, none of it! I put myself in time out & hung with the fam & old friends who are usually far far away. I am better for it!
It was the exact definition of relaxation.
So, I'm back at home now & the work has really piled up! I've got some orders to ship out, an illustration due for Shebang Magazine, tons of jewelry to restock, then I must finish unpacking, & oh yeah - I gotta do my taxes! Aaah!
No sweat, right?
Like I said though - it was worth it. Austin (my mister not the city) & I spent a lot of time with my folks making dinners, watching movies, & walking the dog. He had to head back to Austin (the city) long before I did to work on the new Lions record & to prepare for some dates with The Toadies. One of which was on New Years Eve @ The Ridglea Theater in Ft. Worth. It was packed! The show was amazing! What a way to ring in 2009! At Midnight I was standing on stage with Austin & all the other members of Lions, The Toadies, & their wives to do the count down for 2,700 people! It was intense. I'm not usually onstage for anything & I'm never in front of that many people. I was a little wobbly in knee's but Austin held my hand & I got over the stage fright real fast (Thanks Austin). If we'd been up there a few more moments someone would have had to get the hook pull me off stage. Funny how I went from stage fright to feeling totally at home...

After I tackle my "To Do" list I will be posting new jewelry, some new dress designs & maybe even a little video of my progress with the ukulele! Only time will tell.

Happy New Year Everyone!
2009 is going to rule the school!

*the photo above was taken by Mischa Chandler for The Dallas Observer

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Eli said...

Happy New Year!

That's pretty awesome that you got to do the countdown on stage.

I'm happy you're back!