Saturday, January 24, 2009

Brooklyn isn't entirely overrated *wink*

Sometimes I feel like I've listened to everything in my music collection so many times that I fear I will puke if I hear it again. So, time to start digging for something new & I often think - it'd be cool if someone would throw me a bone. So if you are sick of your selection I suggest you check out these 3 bands, all from brooklyn (that's the theme today - I bet you didn't think there'd be a theme huh?). I hope you enjoy your bone:

When SxSW rolls around I look in the paper, mark off everything that I KNOW I want to see & then I go through & mark off bands with names that appeal to me. I do no further investigation, I just go & see if they suit my fancy. I've have some very good luck with this method! At SxSW 2007 I ran across a band called Beat the Devil who of course hails from Brooklyn (that's where everyone lives now right?). Shilpa Ray is the front woman for this outfit & it's been said that she is the best front woman who doubles as an air raid siren. I think Shilpa herself actually said that, but it's dead on. Her voice is off putting for the first few seconds, then you are sucked in my it's bluesy underworld growl. I've been listening to their self titled EP for a few years now, waiting patiently for a second release to knock my socks off. Unfortunately they disbanded in August of last year. BUT Shilpa has started a new band! Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers. I am now equally obsessed with her new venture. This woman can sing, write a darkly delicious song, oh & did I mention that she plays a harmonium? Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers are currently on repeat in my world. Check them out, become a believer.
Through Shilpa's music I was introduced to another Brooklyn lady who is getting some play here at the house, Jessica Larrabee of She Keeps Bees. You can hear the heavy influences of Cat Power, Patty Smith, & Scout Niblett, but she owns it & I am totally into it. Give it a spin & I think you will be too.
Now, of course Girls do rule & most boys do drool, but The Wowz are making my heart shimmy & shake these days. Folky rock with some solid vintage guitar licks & sharp lyrics to boot (think early Beatles makes out with Pavement). The first time I heard them sing the chorus from Thee Women Blues: "I wouldn't be a misogynist if my heart didn't hurt as bad as this" I laughed so hard I just about spit my teeth out. Then I wanted to hug them. We should all hug them - or at least give them a listen. You can find their work & many other awesome bands @ Recommended If You Like Records.

Time to get back to work!


jessica said...

thanks for posting about music! i have been so tired of my collection lately, so this is perfect. i really like shilpa ray now. :)

Model Citizen aka Bonnie Rue said...

oh goodie!
I write about music every now and again, but usually don't hear any feed back about the posts. Im glad I could help bring Shilpa to you.
Im hoping that she and her happy hookers come to town and play sxsw this year! *fingers crossed*