Thursday, November 13, 2008

9 Years of Awesomeness

Today, November 13th, 2008 is a pretty amazing day. It is me & Austin's 9 year anniversary.
In the fall of 1999 I moved from Dallas, TX to Olympia, WA (on a whim) to live with Eli, an old pen pal. I had no plan, no money, just a need to escape Texas. Once I arrived in the lovely northwest Eli's bf was nice enough to help me find a job. So within a few weeks I was gainfully employed at Magical Journeys as a phone psychic. No, I'm not kidding. My first day on the job I met Austin, who had just arrived from in Olympia via Houston, TX. The moment I saw him I knew I was in trouble. We sat in neighboring cubicles, peering into our crystal balls* for weeks before I had the nerve to really talk to him. Of course, we hit it off famously. Eventually we hung up on the psychic hotline & headed back to Texas. After a short & crazy stint @ a communal warehouse in Dallas (that we shared with 15 other people) we moved south to Austin TX. It has been our home for almost 8 of these 9 years. Spending practically a decade with someone isn't always easy or fun, but the good times have always out weighed the bad. He is my best friend & the most supportive partner anyone could dream of. The fact that he is incredibly talented, wonderful to look at & extremely well read doesn't hurt either.
People ask us all the time, "when are you guys going to tie the knot?"
Well... I'm happy to say that Friday, November 13th, 2009 is the big day!
It's going to be big! I'll post details as things get confirmed.
On the right here is a mini zine I made for Austin a few years ago for
Valentines. It's filled with little inside jokes & obviously lots of music references. It was a fun project that now lives on the mantle in our dining room, right by the giant 'bird of prey' kite that he got me (I'm a kite freak).
So, why am I posting a blog about how much I love this guy on the night of our anniversary rather than spending it curled up in a fancy restaurant booth with him?
Well tonight he is playing Emo's with Electric Six (the price of loving a rock star) which I'm about to get all dolled up for. Speaking of, time is slipping away! I've got to dance this mess around if I want to dress to impress!

*there weren't actually crystal balls, we read tarot cards ;)

For Austin:


misco said...

HOLY CRAP!!! seems like yesterday

Eli said...

Congratulations on setting the date! Maybe this will inspire us to do the same.

Lol, I forgot about the phone psychic thing. I didn't realize that was how you met! How could I have missed that? My mental state at the time left quite a bit to be desired, I guess I'll have to add "memory" to that list.

I feel like meeting you was the best thing to come out of my zine-making, and that it eventually led to you moving to Oly and meeting Austin is pretty damn awesome. I'll have to remember to thank Dave for passing it on to you in my next letter. Love!

Alice said...

I just saw this, congratulations on setting the date! How you met is such an amazing story too, wow.


Model Citizen aka Bonnie Rue said...

Misco: I know it does feel like yesterday! How weird huh? Oh - I have something for you, it's a blast from the past!

Eli: Thank You! You better get started planning your big day, it's more involved than I thought it would be... How could you forget about Magical Journeys?! Remember the numerologist? THAT was crazy.
I miss your zine! Iloved it soo much! I think I have copies here somewhere, but Im not sure where. Do you have copies? I'd love one! Dang! I need to write Dave too!

Alice: Thank You too! It is a crazy story, I'd be lying if I said that we didn't love telling it.