Sunday, November 2, 2008

Daria Morgendorffer Makes Her Comeback

Due to messed up priorities & sheer busyness I haven't had the pleasure of celebrating Halloween in the past few years. Which is entirely no fun! Finally this year Halloween was in full effect. Originally me & a few of my lady friends were supposed to dress up as The Misfits (Jem & the Holograms rival band), but group costumes are always talked about with the greatest enthusiasm & rarely ever come to be. SO I went as one of my all time favorite sheroes - Daria Morgendorffer. Unfortunately most people thought I was a mix between Daphne & Velma from Scooby Doo or the nerdy girl chipmunk... My only response to this was "C'mon people, watch better cartoons!" Seriously. I hit the town after carving up a rad Tiger pumpkin with our newest housemate Todd. He hadn't given his costume a lot of thought so I put him in one of my dresses & Prest-o Change-o he was Toddanya, the Bearded & Tattooed Lady. We went to a party, drank champagne, & danced like boy crazy floozies until our feet hurt. Toddanya was a huge hit with the ladies & even the gents! Her dance card was filled all night & she kept telling me how freeing it was to wear a dress. Ha! Guys always enjoy wearing a dress, they are so freakin' jealous of us ladies & many different wardrobe options. There were a plethora of fabulous costumes at this little shindig! I was unable to photograph them all because my camera died. Dang it! I've had a film crew shooting a movie in my house for the past week (long & not so fun story) who ended up moving everything I own into one scary & unmanageable pile. My camera charger was at the very bottom of it, thanks. So, no pictures of Austin's "Eyes Wide Shut" get up or the girl who came as Miss Brazil from Beetle Juice (she was spot on!) but I did get a few before my camera went night night.
I didn't score any candy & stayed out way too late, but the night was a success none the less. Next year I think Im going to have the party at my house. Bake a big cake shaped like a brain, get a Freddy Kruger pinata, & let my friends camp out in the yard.

So what did you dress up as this year? Did you get into any ghoulish trouble? Perhaps some rowdy teenagers threw a jack-o-lantern through your window? Do tell!


Katie said...

I love you! Yay for Daria!

Katie said...