Thursday, November 6, 2008

Celebration Sale

Hello Everybody!
In the spirit of change & the nonviolent revolution that went down in the USA November 4th Model Citizen is holding a Celebration Sale!

Details? Okay!
For the entire Month of November you can get 15% off of ANYTHING in the shop!

Once you've decided on what it is that you can't live without,
Go ahead & purchase the item & enter this coupon code *HELLYES*
in the "Note To Buyer" section.
Then I will send you a refund for the 15% through PayPal as soon as your payment goes through!

This sale is not available to just anyone! No No! You have to be my friend on Myspace, follow me on Twitter, or read my blog.

Just a little kick back for those of you who support Model Citizen ;)

Bonnie Rue
ModelCitizenClothing. com

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