Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Living Large

I am making my world wide web return! For the past 5 days my internet connection has been effed! Not sure why really. I had technicians out. It would work while they were at the house and then moments after they drove away "poof" the connection would be gone again. Leaving me to believe that they themselves held the signal. Little internet fairies? Now things are moving along swimmingly.
Some good did come out of my lack of internets though. I got a lot of drawing done along with most of my xmas shopping & crafting - go me! Normally things come down to the last minute around here...
I had been neglecting my sketch book a little bit which is lame, but I returned to it with some new ideas. If you've ever seen my flickr account you know that I normally draw ladies. Ladies dancing, ladies making music or crafting, you know, stuff inspired by all the ladies in my life. But I started a new series! Diva Pets! Better than chia pets or real pets because they require no care at all, just a little adoration. Being an animal lover who hails from Dallas, TX (home of the BIG hair) I suppose this series was bound to come to me at some point. Big hair is my favorite fashion statement! Last New Years I went to my friend Ash D (aka Ashtacular!) @ Frenchy's Beauty Parlor before the party started and asked her to Doo me Up - literally. She curled, teased, sprayed, & sculpted my hair into a mountain that I was able to dance & sleep in for 3 days!!! Yes - I have a little 3 day party monster living inside me. Here is one of the only remaining photos from that NYE 2007. Me and Danielle of Big Green House @ The Sock Hop... at the time this was taken the glue from my fake eyelashes had seriously started to bother my eyes - eek!
So yes - in my humble opinion big hair is always the way to go! It takes time & patience, or maybe just a talented stylist, and it's always worth it.
Speaking of big hair, Jennifer Perkins of Naughty Secretary Club fame asked me to send her a picture of my personal jewelry display for her blog. How could I say no? So, here it is - I keep my most frequently worn earrings on these bouffant rockin' ladies right here >
Check out Jennifer's blog for many other awesomely creative ways to store & display your jewelry stash!
AND if you want to be the girl with the tallest curls in your county you should check out Beauty & the Bouffant. You'll get a little inspiration from the greatest diva's & starlets of all time i.e. Aretha Franklin, Joan Collins, Mamie Van Doren, Jayne Mansfield & of course Brigitte Bardot.

*Let us all be hair hoppers*


Sarah said...

This post is made of win!

Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club said...

Lady seems like everyone is most smitten on your jewelry display over at the blog, um I'm thinking you should whip up a batch to sell at Christmas. Tell your cat to get to breakin' shit.

Model Citizen aka Bonnie Rue said...

Sarah - you are made of win!
Big Hair is kinda undeniable.

Jennifer - I have a long weekend coming up, maybe I will get on that!
Gotta finds some more cool frames.
... any excuse to head to thrift town.

Kristen said...

hi! I stumbled across your etsy when I was doing a shop local search and I am totally delighted, and also stoked that I found this blog! I'm on a huge kick right now of networking and meeting bloggers/crafters in Austin. I'm definitely linking to your blog through mine! I am in love with everything that is going on here.... yay! <3 (ok i'm done gushing now)

Model Citizen aka Bonnie Rue said...

ooh! Hey Kristen ! Ditto :D
I'm linking to your blog too.
I love the shop local feature on etsy - so effin' cool!
Well I am so glad you enjoy my bloggings. I'm off to enjoy yours right now - thanks for the love!

Girl Is Poison said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. There is no paper copy though. The blog itself is the zine.

San Smith said...

oh I love your illustrations and jewelry!! Also you are such a pretty gal. :) I'll have to keep checking out your blog.