Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Where to begin?

Oh man, with so many things going on it's impossible to keep this blog up to date!
Let's see... Where to begin? Ah, the Second Sunday Sock Hop Beach Party! Having a cold did not stop me from making an appearance at the hop on July 13th. I went dressed as if I were straight off the yacht with half a voice and a head full of Claritin. What fun! Hawaiian shirts, vintage bathing suits, sand, boys with beards getting "laid", hula hoops & kiddie pools! The weather was hot and balmy - in other words - perfect for the event. If you live in Austin and want to DANCE - this is it, this is what you need. Forget about work on monday, just slip on your flats and "shake it like you do when you wanna get you some!" The hop is my favorite event that happens all month. It will help you work out your frustration, but sadly it will not help you get over a cold. I hope they have another beach party, it was a blast... cold or no cold. Here's some photos:

My cold took a turn for the worst which caused me to miss the Tilly & The Wall show - suck! But once I was on the mend Austin and I headed down to Padre for a little family time. I guess the sock hop beach party left me wanting some real surf in my life. We drove in and went straight to the beach, where we drank tequila, floated in the waves and saw some real deal sea turtles! They had the sweetest eyes and were at least a foot and a half long! It was magical. We also ate some cocktail shrimp that were boiled in red hots (yes the candy) instead of things like celery salt, mustard seeds, ginger, pepper, cardamom, etc.. and they were DELICIOUS! We could not stop eating them! The day at the beach left me with a serious sunburn. It was really red, totally blotchy and left me napping on the couch for hours... eek. Note to self: More sunblock!

Now that I am home it's business as usual. Booking tours by day and art + craft + make by night! Ive got a new bracelet up in the shop, it will be hard to part with because I am IN LOVE with it!

Oh! I found out today that Tiny Meat will be making some of their awesome wallets using my art! Which has been a dream of mine. Realizing dreams is the best drug ever! You can see what the wallets will look like here and here.

Speaking of things that are addicting - have you gotten yourself a Twitter account yet? Go, go now! Let me know so we can "follow" eachother :)
Austin keeps his tour blog through Twitter. It's a little gritty and soaked booze at times, but always entertaining.

until next time...

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