Thursday, July 31, 2008

Goodbye July

What a month! July never felt like it would end! Now August is upon us and the heat won't let us forget that summer is so serious. But 100+ degrees or not, it's Saturday! It took you so long to get here! This heat does not help the days go by...
But night swimming sure does. A big plus to this is NO sunburns! Don't hav a pool? Do what I do! Hit up the nearest apartment complex & hop a fence with a Lonestar in hand at least twice a week. Friends make the experience better, but floating alone isn't bad either.

Wednesday Austin, Rissa, & myself went down to the Mohawk to see Chris Flemmons from The Baptist Generals play. He came down from Denton after having day surgery that morning. He's tough. We swayed in the dark on the verge of tears through his whole set. The words "rhythm guitar" have never been used so fittingly. He plays his thrift store classical guitar like a drum. The songs themselves are dark and wholy satisfying. Like licking a wound.
Stories of drinking, retreating, hearts breaking... All of which go well with a glass of whiskey in hand. Rissa and I made a sleep over date for when their new record comes out. We are going to lay on the floor, listen to it over and over again, & drink till sleep over comes us. We aren't sad sacks, it's just sounds like the thing to do. I look forward to it. The new record is said to be done in a few weeks, so maybe it will be released by the beginning of next year. * fingers crossed *

On a more cheerful note... you all know that I have a thing for white tigers, well on thursday I read that a litter tiger cups were abandoned by their mother and then adopted by a golden retriever named Isabella. She has taken to cleaning and feeding then as if they were her own. Sigh and coo! How sweet! Apparently tigers and puppies develop at the same rate and require the same amount of care. *Makes me seriously wonder if I am ready to take on a puppy at this point*

I made this "Because I <3 Tigers" necklace to mark the occasion of Isabella and her new family

I'm going to sign off now and read for a bit before the Lions show tonight.
More on that tomorrow.

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Angela Faz ~ Artist Extraordinaire said...

last time i saw Baptist generals he was playing a giant mexican bass, too cool for words, and YOU make me miss living in A-town. Kelly is supposed to be coming down soon, would love to see you boff. amaizi'N