Saturday, July 26, 2008

As if the internet weren't addicting enough...

Most of us are members to a handful of sites. We subscribe to a half dozen blogs (or so). We have so many user names & passwords committed to memory, taking up needed space for things like, i dunno, correct spelling or that thing you told someone you'd do on friday, but can't remember what.. or with who.
Well, make room for one more pass word & user name, because the world of Polyvore awaits! It reminds me of making collages at sleepovers with stacks of Sassy & Jane magazines! Yay!
So, I have been putting of starting a Polyvore account because I knew it would be yet another distraction from the many things that need doing, but I gave in today and I AM (already) ADDICTED!
I'm still learning the in's and out's but thats part of the fun.
Won't you join me?

i've always wanted an ALL blue outfit. *swoon*


Eli said...

Oh man, I still have the globe earrings that I wore almost 20 years ago. And I have three of them, too, because I had three ear piercings. Yay for elementary school rebellion nostalgia!

Totally want to bust them out now... Polyvore looks like some crack that I don't need right now.

Model Citizen aka Bonnie Rue said...

No, no one needs it. It's all about want & nothing about need.

Go get your globe earings on - they will look really great with your incredi-color hair!