Tuesday, July 15, 2008

56 mm × 56 mm

I am no pro when it comes to photography and I have never claimed to be, but I do like to document the occasion. Like most people I have a little digital camera that serves it's purpose. It's tough enough to live in my purse and sit on bar tables, the batteries last a long time, but it's all point and click. There's really no science to it. If your index fingers work and you can handle being blinded by the direct flash - you are in the memory makin' business. So a few weeks ago I was packing for my NY trip, and some friends came by to drink wine and visit while I went over my "don't forget this!" list. Rissa a.k.a. less like math brought her Holga 120fn over and insisted that I take it to NY with me. I had never used one before but she assured my that it's a toy and that the pictures will come out in ways I had never imagined. Rissa has a large (and growing) collection of old camera's (some instant, some more of the toy variety, & some that I don't even know what category they would fall into) and I was really excited that she trusted me enough with one of her babies. The verdict? I loved this camera! I will be getting one of my own soon! Thanks Rissa for turning me on to this truly addictive toy! Here are some of my favorite shots (not everything on the roll turned out, there is a learning curve). I hope you enjoy them!


Angela Faz ~ Artist Extraordinaire said...

Nice shots, seriously. I recently took a Holga to New Orleans, have yest to pick up the pic's, but I am anxious. :) Was this a slow exposure, or a low light effect? awesome.

Larissa said...

YES!!!! They look AMAZING! I love love love light leaks! Very nicely done, m'dear.

Model Citizen aka Bonnie Rue said...

Thanks Ladies!
Angela - like Larissa says, they are light leaks. Basically I didn't roll the film tight enough when I took it out of the camera so it over exposed the edges of each frame.
GO get your Nola pictures developed! I want to see them!!

Thanks for loaning me your camera Larissa - I am in love with the prints I got :)