Monday, June 7, 2010

Calling all Tiger Ladies!

I need your help!

Remember how I'm going to Vegas in August? Then you remember how my ceiling fell down and went boom in the night a few weeks ago?

Well, all these out of the blue moving expenses have really tripped me up. I'm no longer on schedule to pay for Vegas on time. This will be an incredibly expensive trip. By the time I get back to Austin, TX after the show I will have spent roughly $5,000 on samples, airfare, hotel rooms, promotional materials, decorations for my booth to help me stand out in a sea of other super talented up and coming designers and many other little things that would only make me feel overwhelmed if I listed them.

So, I've started a little fund raising project on
I'm only asking for $1,000 to help me finish paying off my booth. This is a huge opportunity. You all are the ones who helped me get to this point and that's why I set up a bunch of cool rewards for each donation received. Postcards, t-shirts, jewelry, mix cd's, art work inspired by your bad ass self - more!

Any and all support is appreciated. If you are broke - I absolutely understand! Please just share the link to the Kickstarter Model Citizen project page with your friends.

or refer them to the Model Citizen commercial on YoutTube:

Who's the best? You's the best!

tiger stripes & tandem bikes!
Bonnie Rue


Jen said...

I put it on my blog. The one that has one reader, my mom. Who knows? Maybe she'll donate?!

Model Citizen aka Bonnie Rue said...

Thanks Jen for spreading the word - you are a doll!