Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The good news is...

I tell myself (on a daily basis) that I am going to sit down and blog a lot in order to have a bunch of posts saved up so when I'm busy or feeling drained I'll have something to post. This obviously hasn't happened. Lately I've been both busy and drained. I've been buried at my jobby job booking bands & busy at the house trying to get ready for POOL and unfortunately getting things repaired. Yeah - the new digs aren't perfect. The water heater was all messed up, there were a few electrical issues & some plumbing issues too. BUT the ceiling & roof are holding strong. I like that!
Things aren't all bad though. No no! Let me share some good news with you:

*Comedy Central has been airing new episodes of Futurama!

*LUSH Cosmetics is having a pop-up shop here in Austin next weekend!

*Devo has a new record out! It's called Something for Everybody! (I love the album cover - it is hilarious!)

*Fan mail! Yep I got some awesome fan mail from a girl named Kendall who will soon be a bad ass pastry chef! Thanks Kendall you made my day <3

*Speaking of my day - I found a new way to start off each and every one on the right foot:

*AND!! My kickstarter project has been going really well! I've raised enough cash to help pay for my booth & with 20 days left my new goal is to maybe raise some more for the plane tickets.

That's what's been shakin' in my world! How about you?

Bonnie Rue


Natasha said...

I am so excited about the return of futurama, and that video was too funny. Thanks for sharing it.

Maggie said...

Congrats on getting the funds you need! I know it's cause everyone wants to see you kick ass at POOL!

Thera Joyce said...

Futurama and Devo rock!

Thera Joyce

Chris said...

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thanks and if you don't join it doesn't bother at all (:

Radialabs said...

I read a bit about your blog and i find the way you tell things interesting.Really Rock!!