Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rhinestones & Roller Skates

Because packing is boring & crafting things is way fun I took a break from the boxes to create these awesome new Rhinestones & Roller Skates earrings! I'm making tons for the derby next month, but for all you non-Austinites they are up in the shop & ready to roll (pun intended)! Yes there really are little rhinestones in the wheels that catch the light & add to the awesomeness of the retro rollerskates. Soon I'll also have the Skatin' Worshiper Skorts available in LG & XL. If you are interested in either of these sizes you must let me know now as I am doing a limited run of them and most will be going to the tournament. Do you know a team or are part of a team that would like to sport some of my Skatin' Worshiper wear?! If so it is available at discount prices if you are buying for the whole team.
Speaking of discounts there are a few electric blue & hot pink Skatin Worshiper T's marked down in the shop. Once upon a time they were $26 & now they are $15!
Only 3 left so get 'em while you can!

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