Sunday, May 17, 2009

Want. Need. Summer Edition

Here in Austin, TX summer is in full swing! It's only May & we are getting into the 90's with little to no effort at all. This isn't unusual, I'm just saying - Summer has arrived! I've already been swimming, achieved a less than appealing "farmers tan" & lost a couple of poppy plants to some serious sunshine. So yes, lets bust out the Banana Boat & sneak into some apartment pools!

This is less of a want / need list & more of a Summer Survival check list - and away we go!

First off EVERY girl needs a sun dress & a pair of all purpose sandals or flip flops to beat the heat. I have fallen in love with this Reflection Pool Dress from ModCloth! It's breezy, colorful, strappy & calling my name. I've never gotten over my punk & gothic tendencies. It took years for me to introduce color into my wardrobe... and this dress is the best of both worlds. It will pair up perfectly with my all black Tiddies! Wait? What?! No, I'm not being obscene, not this time anyway.. I'm talking about Tiddies Sandals which are made right here Texas. Soft & squishy (as the name implies), sturdy & guess what kids, they float! So no worries about loosing a shoe over the side of the boat or at the bottom of the pool. You can pick up a pair at

With all the humidity it's best to wear little to no makeup. I suggest a touch of waterproof mascara, a dab of Staniac by the Balm & some 30 spf mineral powder by Peter Thomas Roth. The lip stain is by far one of the greatest purchases of 2009. You only have to apply it once, maybe twice a day & your lips look so bright & lovely. This stuff will never streak! It's my new favorite thing. I'm also pretty in love with this mineral powder. My skin can be problematic in the summer months with all the sweating & swimming going on. It's compact, enough to live in my bag & will help fight off the sun & my dreaded adult acne. Genius!

Speaking of battling the blazing sun, how fabulous are these vintage Ray Ban sunglasses?! I've been excited to see the Wayfarers make a mighty return, but given the choice - these sassy cat eyes would be my pick. I'll race you to the check out line! Now that we've got the look covered, lets talk about the scent of summer. I'm not into being stinky per se, but I really hate perfume and groddy aluminum filled deodorant. Lucky for me, I'm not alone. Christopher Brosius not only hates perfume, he did more than just complain about it. He created a line of perfumes that has been summed up in 3 words "Scent is Life". And that's exactly what you get. Scents with names like Burning Leaves, In the Library, & I am a Dandelion - there is no way you can go wrong.. Scents so distinct that you'll find yourself places you've never been like... At the Beach 1966. Said to smell of Coppertone, wet sand, seashells, driftwood & a hint of boardwalk, I am sold! I can't wait to order a bottle and bathe in it. He has over 20 scents in his collection, you really must check them out

No summer is complete with out a reading list & a soundtrack. I'll be sitting by someone elses pool, listening to the Talking Heads & reading a Brave New World.
What are you reading this summer? Have any amazing travel plans or are you going to enjoy a little "stay-cation" this year? Inquiring minds want to know!


Anonymous said...

It's good to be prepared in this crazy heat! I think it snuck up on us early this year!

Doe Baby said...

i am so unbelievably jealous of your summer heat!! i moved to ireland 5 years ago, and the need for sun dresses and flip flops is SUCH a distant memory...LOVED reading about it though!! p.s. hope you don't think i'm a weirdo, but i really like reading your blog and so i put a link to it in mine. hope thats ok! :)

Ashtacular said...

I have the old school Tiddies. Got them in Galveston, TX. I want a pair of BLACK ONES!!!!!! Those rule. AND, that stain lip shit you let me try is the bomb. Readers, listen to this lady....she knows her merchandise!

Tuesday said...

What a great round-up of summer products! I'm always looking for the perfect sunscreen/powder combination for my face, since I have really sensitive skin, and have bouts of eczema. Pleh. The sun and heat can be my enemy, but if you have the right products, it does help.

Rissa said...


i LOVE summer! <3