Friday, May 8, 2009

Creatures of Delight

I was checking out some of my blog posts from last year when I came across Making Old Art New Again & realized it was high time I do some creative recycling again. Over the past few days I've been working on these Creatures of Delight Earrings (seen above). If one of these ladies looks familiar it's because she lives on the cover of a Tinymeat wallet!
Perhaps you are familiar with my scribblings & know that I rarely draw pictures of actual people. When I have in the past it's always been practice for the autobio"graphic"al novel I plan to put together one day. For the most part though I draw imaginary girls. Girls who are missing limbs, faceless bitches & anthropomorphic ladies are my favorite things to draw. Oh & hairdo's - always hairdo's! That's where this Creatures of Delight series started, with big colorful hairdo's. I'm from Dallas, big hair is in my blood. The bigger the better! *that's what she said*

When sporting a massive do you need BIG earrings and thus - Creatures of Delight Earrings were born! They are still in production & are not in the shop just yet, but they will be very soon!

I decided to photograph the jewelry before I put the hooks on because geometrically they look soo good together. They wanted to have their picture taken right away & I never say no to a pretty lady who wants to be in pictures. The first batch of these new gems are going directly to Sparrow Collective in Milwaukee, WI (previously called Fasten Collective) which is having it's grand opening on May 16th, 2009. I've been hearing amazing things about this shop, so if you are in the area you should definitely swing by & help Sparrow Collective become what really made Milwaukee famous.

Other drawings are being turned into wearable pieces of art as we speak (er, type)! I'll photograph and post as soon as they are ready to hit the stage.


Anonymous said...

Love these!

Anonymous said...

oo those are awesome

in response to your comments about sharpeis- they're ironically not sweet at all. they were originally bred as chinese fighting dogs so they had wrinkly skin so they couldn't kill each other as easily. despite how this hasn't happened in centuries the aggressive instinct is still in the breed

Tuesday said...

I love their hairdo's and the colorful bits on their faces!