Thursday, October 1, 2009

Trilogy of Awesomeness!

Hello loverly readers! Remember how I've been hinting at a Super secret collaboration for months now? I don't have to keep you in the dark any longer! Sublime Stitching approached me a few months ago *swoon* about the Model Citizen <3's Bake & Destroy design I did at the beginning of the year. You know the one - inspired by Natalie Slater & it came with her awesome Nacho Cupcake recipe? It was featured on the Bust blog & we did a huge giveaway? Yes! Now your memory has been refreshed & just in time! Well, that design is now featured on one of Sublime Stitchings Stitch-It-Yourself Eco Tote Bags!
That's Right!
Sublime Stitching + Model Citizen Clothing + Bake & Destroy!

Soon they will be available in my shop too, but here's some seriously amazing new: You've got a chance to win one of these amazing totes, a Model Citizen brooch AND 3 sets of cupcake toppers from Bake & Destory! Visit the Sublime Stitching blog, leave a comment and cross your fingers! The give away ends @ 4pm this afternoon so do not dilly dally!

*You will get a second chance to win a tote here @ Good Girls & Geeks - but not today...

Okay, What are you still doing here? Scram! Go! Win!

Bonnie Rue

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