Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Praying for Plaid? Hungry for Houndstooth?

Or maybe just anxious for argyle? Me too!
Tis the season for these preppy/punky patterns - and don't worry because Model Citizen's got your back.

This fall I'm offering a small run of limited edition jewelry featuring more plaid, argyle and houndstooth than you can handle! Why - because I'm crazy obsessed with all three. Seriously - cray cray!

I sat down the other day while I had a cold and designed my own argyle (see with the unicorns!!) and then I could not stop myself. And there is more to come! You know this! Two words for you Cupcake Argyle. Oh yeah - that's in the works! Do not fret my lovely readers, I'll keep you posted.

If you see something you like, but maybe you prefer a different tartan or color scheme please feel free to message me on etsy or email me @ and I can make you a custom piece. Why? Because I want you to be happy ;)

So tell me, which is your favorite? Houndstooth, Argyle or Plaid? Which do you wear the most of? I think I probably wear plaid the most. Austin recently bought me a plaid dress - check it out!

Bonnie Rue

p.s. My $12 T-shirt sale is still in full effect... but how long will it last?

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