Friday, June 10, 2011

Ribbons Forever

A big thank you and too many hugs to all of you who emailed me little love notes. I really appreciate your sentiment and affection, more than you'll ever know. I've been rough around the edges and it really does help to hear from my lovely readers.

Speaking of lovely friends and broken hearts, Natalie Ribbons aka Agent Ribbons who is new-ish to Austin, TX (originally from Sacramento) just released her first super professional music video! It's filled with chandeliers, carousels, the best dresses ever and haunting vocals. It's whimsical and bloody and if you are anything like me, you will la-la-love it. I've been singing her songs in the shower for years now, long before she moved to Austin. One lucky night I was shakin' it at the Second Sunday Sock-Hop, like I do... when I looked across the dance floor and SHAZAAM! There she was. Girl crush in full effect. I caught her on the porch later and we made friends pretty fast.

"I love your dress!"
"Oh, I love YOUR dress!"
"You look like a cake!"
"You look like a modern day Nico Case!"

And THAT right there ladies and gentlemen is how you win friends and influence people.

So, with out further ado, here is That's Not Edgar's Heart by Agent Ribbons

Bonnie Rue: Who, What, When, Where and How did this gorgeous video come to be?

Agent Ribbons: The video was shot in Oakland by Ryan McCoy, who went to an experimental arts high school with me in Sacramento and found me later in life when he started working for George Lucas at Skywalker Ranch. He said he had access to all this great equipment and wanted to help us make a music video on the side, so we did!

Bonnie Rue: Tell me, tell me, tell me - who put your wardrobe together? Was it you?

Agent Ribbons: Ryan had costume designer Alison Cohen do the clothes so we didn't actually pick them, but we were thrilled with the wardrobe choices!

Bonnie Rue: Can we expect more amazing video's in the future?

Agent Ribbons: We may or may not have more videos...since we have no budget for them, it unfortunately hinges upon the desire of aspiring filmmakers and people who just want to help us out!

Bonnie Rue: Perhaps a Kickstarter campaign is in order?.... So, I know you ladies were just out on tour, anymore dates coming up that I should know about?

Agent Ribbons: We just got home from tour TODAY and we'll be taking the summer off from travel to write a new album. YAY!

You can pick up her latest release, Chateau Crone at Antenna Farm Records. Buy it on vinyl so you will always and forever have it in your collection. It lives proudly in the front of my record rack *smack in the center* so it's easy to get to at any ol time AND so I can see it's lovely cover every single day!

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WayneCha said...

Best thing to come out of Skywalker Ranch in quite some time!