Friday, December 12, 2008

Hello Saturn

In less than a week I will be turning 27. This will be the beginning of my Saturn Return. Which I had never thought about or even actually been aware of. I know that for many people (celebrities & us regular folk) this has proven to be a time of serious struggle. I have friends who are even fearful of it, worried of what it will bring, & maybe a little resistant to it. I'm not going to give into any of that though. I'm just not. This is going to be the time where all my hard work pays off and by the time my 30's hit I'm going to be living large. I'm not saying I'll be super wealthy or have my name written in lights, but I will be happier, healthier, more successful & better traveled. That's my forecast.
In the future when I feel like I need some sagely advice I'll be reading Goddesses Are People Too which is written by my friend Ash D. She is a wealth of inspiration & has a lot of great life experience under her belt. Not only that but, she tells it like it is. Truly one of the loudest and proudest I know. Go forth and love her as I do.
So what are your 2 cents on this thing they call the Saturn Return? Did you feel it? Did you get your boat rocked? I'm dying to know.
Well, I had better sign off. In efforts to keep the positivity/productivity train moving forward, today I am filling an order for a new store. Hovercraft! on Congress Ave will now be carrying Model Citizen. I also just changed the look of my website. Tell me what you think.


Sarah said...

Oh wow - my Saturn Return is just a couple of weeks! I forgot how close our birthdays are. I'm very excited - I'm one of those goofballs that still thinks adulthood is this mysterious thing I haven't reached yet and am looking forward to being a part of the club.

Model Citizen aka Bonnie Rue said...

I am one of those goofballs too. I think it's a good thing. Wait - I think its the best thing. Ever. If there's anything I've learned in almost 27 years it's that the things I associate with being a grown up are generally not very fun. Paying bills on time? The only thing fun about that is avoiding the late fee's but it's no hopscotch.
Happy Birthday Sarah! (in case I forget) said...

Saturn is the planet that teaches us things. When we are learning, we don't know what's up yet...and that can be both frustrating and challenging---but making it through the lesson is then MOST REWARDING :). I recorded my first record when I was 28, began working for myself the same year, lost the love of my life when I was 29, released the record when I was 30, and then toured 3 times. A life dream followed by a life nightmare, followed by another dream. I know now, though---how precious life is, and how important it is to show love, and relish love. I took many things for granted before Mark's death. I also learned how important it is to set goals for our lives. That record and tour got me through the year of mourning. Great accomplishments, and hard lessons. Strife, and victory. No need to be scared. If life were always easy and fun, we wouldn't appreciate the shining moments. Growing up just makes life richer, because we know more. So---go get 'em, tiger. You are an amazing woman. Viva, Adulthood!!!

Two Tone said...

I am a believer in the Saturn Return. I feel mine has been monumental, the exact date having passed in July of this year. As witness to it, take what you will from that statement. :)

On the night of the exact date of Saturn's Return in my horoscope, a close friend with a broken leg, who is the same age as my birth father, came to Austin to see me and bring me a (Saturn) birthday present. As a result of what I believed to be a communication mix-up, instead of seeing him, I went to another friend's birthday party where another close buddy's leg got broken. Take from that, also, whatever you may.

Where did you get that yours is coming now? Generally, Saturn returns to the same position in your horoscope as it occupied at the time of your birth at around age 29.5, 29.5 years being the amount of time Saturn takes to complete its orbit around the sun. I have read, though, in some sources, that the effects of this return can sometimes begin to be felt or observed as early as 27 years and continue to thirty. Your second return comes at 58, third at 88.5, and so on...

If I was to give one piece of advice based on my experience, it would be this: for worse OR better - brace yourself.

Tanner said...

I know nothing of a Saturns' Return, and if it's around your 27th and 28th year. I can tell you those were the years in which I learned some of my most challenging lessons. I learned that love is sacrifice. I also learned that I feel more like myself and who I am supposed to be more than ever before. That my thirties will be a time of redemption and fulfillment. Satisfaction will all I have accomplished. One of the most valuable lessons I learned is that life is not a race. We all reach for our own achievements at our own pace. Works for me!