Friday, December 19, 2008

Dreams do come true

All my wanting and needing paid off. I am now the proud owner of one super cute pink soprano ukulele! My mister got it for my birthday, because he's the greatest human on the planet! He of course is incredibly excited because this means that we can finally start our band. Well, after I learn to play it we can start our band. Which could take a while. I spent most of my evening trying to tune it... only to make it *you guessed it* more out of tune. I will not let this deter me though. I can figure this out.
There are some pretty big plans for this tiny pink thing. So many covers to come! Currently "Making Whoopy" is at the top of my list. Old Blue Eyes is a good place to start right?
As always, I will keep you posted on the progress made.


Anonymous said...

omg hahahah! HOW cute are you and your uke?!

Anonymous said...

SO COOL!!! I cant wait to see a video soon! ;) Ember