Saturday, October 11, 2008

One foot in the past

I always get a little nostalgic around October. The year is wrapping up, there's a birthday in my near future... it's a good time to reflect & take stock. All that cheesy deep stuff. So I asked myself this morning:

"what was I doing a year ago today?"

Well - lucky me! I was at the Texas State Fair! The greatest place on earth! I love the rides, the lights, the tiniest horse in the world! Where else can you find fried coke-a-cola, bumper cars, & two headed snakes? We ate so many fried things & took so many polaroid pictures!
I took a lot of polaroids last year. As we all know - polaroid has stopped production of their instant film. You can still find it (Target & Walgreen's carry it) but once it's gone - it's gone. Better put that at the top of my birthday wish list! I guess we can thank all of our point & shoot digital camera's. There is a group by the name of "Save Polaroid". You can only submit one picture. It must be a polaroid, you must be in the picture some where, & they ask that you include a little blurb on why you believe instant film should be kept alive. Wanna see my entry? Because I wanna see yours! Please post your pictures & send me a link.

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