Saturday, October 4, 2008

*Heart = Broken*

That's right folks, I went from really excited to heartbroken in the matter of a few hours. I just learned that The Trucks have broken up. I never even got a chance to see them play! No fair! If this were a disney movie & I lived in the pacific northwest I would cry a little tear on their shoulders to bring them back to life. Damn this reality! There are rumors of a new EP to be released as a special "see ya!" surprise. So if you are a fan like me, keep your ear to the ground for it's arrival. And if you (unlike me) live in the pacific north west you MUST go see one of their farewell shows.

10/11/2008 Seattle WA Chop Suey
11/7/2008 Portland OR Wonder Ballroom
11/8/2008 Bellingham WA Nighlight


This is very sad news, but we'll have to respect their wishes & keep on dancing...

& I wouldn't fair of me to not include this hilarious little ditty that is constantly stuck in my head: Pervs in the Bushes


jessica said...

oh my goodness, i've never heard of the trucks and they are blowing my mind! i love them.
i also love your blog and added it to my google reader list, so be prepared for comments galore!

Model Citizen aka Bonnie Rue said...

Hey Jessica!
Yeah - The Trucks = love & dance parties. It's sad that they are splitting up :(

Thanks for the love!
I'm trying to keep it updated atleast 2- 3 times a week.