Friday, June 3, 2011

She Was An American Girl

I don't mean to brag (or drive it into the ground) but good gawd - I've got some really bad ass friends. Some here, some there & some on the other side of the world in places like Berlin! As we speak the lovely Tara Tonini who hails from Dallas TX (just like me) is opening her first pop up shop - She Was an American Girl! It is a retail and gallery shop featuring 16 designers, 8 artists, 4 musicians and one record label. 100% Made in America!

Think American cowboy silhouettes, pop art passport covers, Native American ponchos, hipster screen printed T-shirts, studded rock ‘n’ roll dresses, jewelry designed out of vintage records, stewardess inspired swimwear (made by Tara ) and romantic accessories constructed from nature. Of course there is TONS of Model Citizen stuff up in there. Just like this Axe Slinger Tee pictured here with Leatherette Heart's Japanese Parachute Pants!

Yep - it's going to be killer! To see a list of the designers and read more about them please check out Tara's blog!

Awesome thing is - you do not have to be in Berlin to shop til you drop! All of this goodness is right here under your nose.

ALSO - Tara is not alone in Berlin - the Oh so very bad ass Melisser Elliot (from San Francisco) is currently calling Berlin home! Check out her blog and her book - The Vegan Girls Guide to Life!

Allright, who loves you?
Bonnie Rue

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you're awesome! <3