Sunday, June 19, 2011

Baby Steps

What a long week. At best I've been emotionally unstable lately. I was stressing it, even throwing a fit - but I'm just not going to allow myself to stress things anymore. Yeah, that is totally against my nature, but this component of my personality has proven to be.. less than advantageous. So, I am eradicating it. In other words I'm trying my damnedest to say good bye to my inner brat and just roll with the punches. Take deep breathes, allow myself to lean on people when I start to lose my shit and laugh when I feel a colossal cry coming on. It wasn't a bad week.

The highlights. The low-lights need not be mentioned.

*Tons of yoga. Every day in fact. Vinyasa mostly, which I found utterly irritating at first. It's meditative qualities seem hard to find, but the classes are cheap and a new challenge is appreciated right now. Believe it or not.

*Wine and oldies girl group records with a friend under the canopy of lush trees. We sweated and rapped (not literally) about our pasts, talked in depth about the wine we were drinking and sang the praises of a well stocked and organized kitchen.

*While shopping for a dinner party I was approached by an old man who told me he wished I was his wife... after he raved for 10 or so minutes about how flourless bread is the only bread worth eating and that everyone should know about the"one-ness blessing". Me = crazy person magnet.

*Dinner at my place with my roommate JenJen and our friend Mario who won the title of The Funniest Person in Austin a few years back. He gave me a lift when I was too tipsy to drive one night so I thanked him with dinner and picked his brain about his comedy career. Check out his book A Cynic's Guide to a Rich and Full Life. I think he's got it figured out. His contribution to dinner was a cucumber infused vodka. As far as awesomely summer-ish things go I'd put it up there with watermelon and sunscreen. Yeah.

*I hired a rock n roll therapist this week. Sounds cheezy, yeah, but he can smell what I'm stepping in and I think he can help me wash away my crazy.

*Nail Party! My ladies rallied at the house with wine+wine+wine and caboodles filled with nail polish, decals, glitter and many tricks up their sleeve. Rissa taught everyone how to "marble" their nails (see JenJen's photo) while we ate brownies and watched Daria. The house smelled a little toxic once we were all fancied up... Small price to pay I think.

*Yesterday I went swimming with a gang of ladies in vintage bathing suits then took a walk to acquire vegan soft serve and a bouquette of flowers carefully cut from my neighbors yards.

*Thrifted a pair of creepers - just like the ones I wore in high school. *heart thump*

Today I called my Father and expressed my never ever ending gratitude and love. I hope you did too. The last few precious hours of the weekend were spent ignoring the dishes, drawing stupid pictures, eating some serious quesadillas and writing, writing, writing.
Baby steps to tomorrow and baby steps away from the brat in my brain.

Bonnie Rue


Jenmeaux said...

I <3 you Bonnie Rue. You make my life so much better.

Model Citizen aka Bonnie Rue said...

I love you too JenJen! We do alright. Life is pretty good.
We need more bike rides though. I'm going to buy a bike lock after work today.

Action Jackson said...

You can add "awesome cd's from Camille" to the list pretty soon.

Model Citizen aka Bonnie Rue said...

That sounds fantastic! I would love to see that on my list <3