Thursday, April 1, 2010

SXSW 2010 Recap

I know - SXSW has come and gone, but I've been planning on writing about some of my favorites from the week and it's my party so I'll post if I want to... no matter how late or dated it is. Better late than never - that's what I always say!

It was the longest week. My feet hurt in all new ways. I ate like crap. I slept like the dead - but only for a few hours a night. My ears are still ringing. In other words - it was a blast & I can't wait to do it again next year!

We started off early on Tuesday night - hitting up a house party to see a friends band, Black Cock! Fronted by Whitney Lee - one of Austin's greatest photographers, her manpanion Chico Jones (owner & head engineer @ OHM Studio) & her brother Jordan Lee (who you may know from Sublime Stitching) is also in the band. They were AWESOME! Punky, noisy, poppy, creepy, beep beep-y, - I loved it. Makes you wanna throw a tantrum - in the best way possible.

My manfriends band - Lions - played like five times & I made it out to see three of the shows. They played a few new songs that the crowd & myself really liked - which is always exciting! It's nice to see them playing a lot in town - since last year Austin was out on the road so much. Missing people is for the birds. The BIRDS!

Lions @ Trophys SXSW 2010

ANYTIME Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers come with 500 miles of Austin TX - I WILL BE THERE! Luckily once a year I can just walk around the corner and see one of my all time favorite bands. Shilpa Ray is beautiful little beast and in my mind she can do no wrong. I swayed in the sunlight at Shangri La and felt as if all was right in the world as she & her band blew us all away.

JAVELIN! This was a fantastic show - I only wish it had been later in the day.. or at night even. They played the Pitchfork Party at Emo's. I woke at 11am and immediately got dressed and walked over to Emo's to catch them at Noon. I still felt like a vampire by the time I arrived at the club and there was a line around the block. Luckily - I know guy ;)
Once inside the band was already going at it. The best way to describe it is like electric dance candy for the years! Keyboards! Drums! Electric drums too! I will say that while all the grooves are good - the minute you get to comfortable with one they are on to the next. Keeps you guessing! They were signed by David Byrne's record label Luaka Bop last year & their latest record No Mas will be released tomorrow! Check it out!

It felt like a whole lifetime later (when in fact it was just later that same day) I saw The Coathangers I was at the very front of the stage dancing and taking photos. Their drummer Stephanie Luke was so sick. Like literally - she had lost her voice and had a killer cold but holy hell - that did not stop her from giving 187%! She even got up and sang a few - I wanted to hug her and shower her in cough drops. Poor lady. These girls are bad asses and they were a highlight of SXSW experience! Their new record Scramble comes out April 7th!

Another total super high point this year actually took place at my house! Heard of Sissy Bounce? Well Vockah Redu & Cru performed on my front porch and I now know for certain that I simply can not dance. These guys had moves that make my hamstrings ache just thinking about them!

The performance was a part of Aubrey Edwards & Alison Fensterstock's show at the BiRDHOUSE titled Where They At - an exhibition that portrays the founders, architects, and players in New Orleans hip-hop and the uniquely regional rap known as bounce music, a phenomenon that evolved from the communities based in the city’s housing projects. I've rarely been so impressed.

And this is what a SXSW love note looks like:

A 6 pack of local beer & sweet nothings scribbled on the back of an old flier from our lovely friends from the west - Matawan Creek - who spent the week sleeping on our hardwood floors & entertaining the masses... oh and being harassed by my neighbors. Sorry about the graffiti on your car kids ;)

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